Experts identify drugs that can be used to treat symptoms of the Corona virus


Since the declaration of the Corona virus as a global pandemic, experts have continuously tried to reuse medicines to reduce the risk of severe complications caused by the Corona virus, and scientists have found many promising leads and many existing drugs that can be used to treat symptoms and reduce severe complications of infection, and in a new development, according to a website report.thehealthsite9 Potential new treatments For symptoms of corona, it has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) To treat other diseases.

Identifying 9 treatments for Corona
Identifying 9 treatments for Corona

And in the study published in the journal Cell ReportsScientists have examined about 3059 drugs and drug-like molecules used to prevent the replication of the Corona virus.

The tests also included 1,000 FDA-approved drugs and more than 2,000 drug-like molecules that showed activity against specific biological targets, and there were 3 out of 9 drugs that were found to prevent the replication of the Corona virus in respiratory cells.

Researcher Sarah Sherry from the University of Pennsylvania said: “Our discoveries here point to new methods of therapeutic interventions against symptoms of Coronavirus, and also emphasize the importance of testing candidate drugs in respiratory cells.”

The researchers tested all of these drugs to see if they were able to reduce the reproduction of the Corona virus in infected cells, without causing much toxicity, and after analysis, they validated many compounds that work in monkey kidney cells and 23 compounds that work in human liver cells. And they found that the drugs hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir were effective in both types of cells.

9 Medicines

Researchers only found that 9 antivirals may be effective for treating symptoms of the Coronavirus, and of the nine antivirals that can help treat respiratory infections, salinomycin, a veterinary antibiotic that is also being tested as an anti-cancer drug, dacomitinib kinase inhibitor and antiretroviral drugs For histamine ebastine and cyclosporine drugs.


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