Facebook is planning to advertise products under the Social Voice umbrella


Sources said the social network, Facebook, is planning to announce a series of products under the umbrella of “Social Voice” which include Facebook’s participation in the Clubhouse, the audio-only social network that has grown rapidly last year, as well as pushing for podcast discovery and distribution with the help of Spotify. the verege.

Facebook audio plans include:

An audio-only version of Rooms, a videoconferencing product I launched a year ago, when the pandemic pushed the big adoption of Zoom.

A Clubhouse-like product that allows groups of people to listen to and interact with speakers on a virtual ‘platform’.

A product that will allow Facebook users to record brief audio messages and post them to their newsfeeds, as well as currently they can do so with text, images and videos.

The podcast discovery product to be linked to Spotify, which has invested heavily in podcasts over the past two years, but it is not clear if Facebook intends to do more other than report the podcast to its users and send them to Spotify.

It is also unclear what product schedule Facebook will announce, but there are expectations that the Rooms product, which Facebook promises to copy again from video conferencing, is the most likely candidate to start live broadcasting immediately.

The products are intended to signal CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s belief that his users are willing to use voice as a way to communicate with one another.

Zuckerberg is not the only CEO of a giant tech company that has shown interest in this idea recently, as Twitter has already launched Spaces, a project similar to the idea of ​​Clubhouse, and Apple is also preparing for a new podcast subscription service that it may announce as early as next Tuesday as part of its own product launch.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has shown interest in Clubhouse, which took off at the start of the pandemic and has enjoyed rapid growth over the past year.

Earlier, the Clubhouse voice chat app announced a new $ 4 billion funding round – just months after announcing a $ 1 billion round of financing.

Meanwhile, observers have speculated that the Clubhouse, which features ephemeral real-time conversations in front of an audience of 5,000, may struggle to recapture the hype it experienced in 2020, when the world was in lockdown.

The pace of app downloads appears to have slowed, and Clubhouse has not updated its announced figures on user numbers as of last February when it announced that it had 10 million users.

But even though the Clubhouse app is still limited to Apple iPhone users, it will open up to the world of Android users increasing enemies of its users once again, and it is certainly too early to assess whether the Clubhouse’s flagship format – a mixture of live streaming and chatting. Virtual conference – will continue.

It’s also clearly too early to tell if Facebook’s massive scale will help it scrape off the Clubhouse.


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