Farco is on a difficult mission in Mansoura and Al-Houdoud, Malia hosts tour 19 in Bahri


Today, Thursday, the confrontations of the 19th round of the third group, “Bahri”, begin. For the second division leagueAt three in the afternoon, when Pharco, led by Majdi Abdel Aty, the leader, enters the round with 39 points, with a difficult and risky confrontation outside Mansoura 9, led by Bulbul Bayoumi, with 23 points. There is no substitute for Pharco to win so as not to give the runner-up border guards an opportunity to pounce on the lead.

While the border guards led by Mohamed Halim host his counterpart, Kafr El-Zayat, led by Ayman Magdy, and he occupies the border and the top of the group with 37 points, two points from the leader Farco, while Kafr El-Zayat, the eleventh with 20 points, also meets the Olympic led by Ahmed Sari IV with 30 points, his counterpart Raja Led by Abu Al-Enein Shehata the seventh with 23 points, Abu Qir Fertilizers led by Ahmed Al-Kass will go out to meet Al-Jazirah with Matrouh, led by Karam Jaber, at the Youth City Stadium in Abu Qir, and Abu Qir ranks fifth with 27 points, while Al-Jazirah is the thirteenth with 19 points.

Sporting Alexandria is the eighth with 23 points, a guest at the Damanhour Games led by Yasser Abdel Wahid Al-Tenth with 22 points, while Dekernes, led by Majdi Tolba VI with 26 points, faces his counterpart Bella, led by Shahat Ghoneim, before the last with 13 points, and faces Kafr El Sheikh, led by Ahmed Ashour, the 12th. With 19 points at his stadium with the latter Bani Obeid with 9 points, the municipality of Mahalla, led by Ramadan Al-Sayed, seeks to return to the lead after the defeat by Pharco, the leader in the last round, where it ranks third with 34 points, and Al-Hammam, led by Tariq Al-Sawy, is hosting the fourteenth with 15 points.


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