Fiery statements from the Liverpool women’s soccer captain about Salah after Zinedine Zidane mocked him


Thursday, 08-04-2021
6:26 am
Ahmed Adel Shaban

Niamh Fahey – the captain of the Liverpool women’s soccer team – indirectly supported the statements of Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, after he mocked the goal of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah in the net of his team.She confirmed that Salah is able to bring qualification to Liverpool at the expense of Real Madrid, saying: There is nothing impossible .. We have Mohamed Salah, he needs only one chance to score goals .. Mohamed Salah is the legend of the club and we want him to stay and this is the opinion of the fans as well.

Zinedine Zidane – Real Madrid coach – angered Liverpool fans after he mocked Mohamed Salah’s goal in his team.

Zidane said in comments after the match in which Real Madrid won 3 goals: They shot one ball in the second half and scored a goal, and this is a complicated situation, but I will not say anything.

This is the second unpleasant statement from Zinedine Zidane towards the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, after showing his lack of interest in joining Real Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane – the coach of the Real Madrid team – made statements that seemed different to the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, a professional in the ranks of Liverpool, who confirmed before that the French star was his idol.

On the sidelines of the Real Madrid-Liverpool match, Zidane was asked whether he wanted to train Mohamed Salah in the future.

He replied, “I have never spoken of my desire to train Salah … he is not a player in my team … I am the coach of Real Madrid and he is not here.”

These statements come after Salah hinted more than once about his desire to move to the Spanish League, specifically one of the two La Liga giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The English newspaper “Daily Mail” confirmed that there is another state of anger among Liverpool officials because of Salah’s recent statements in which he hinted at the possibility of his departure to Spain, as the club’s management inquired of Salah about the truth of these statements.

News continues from time to time about the possibility of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah leaving Liverpool next season, amid speculation that there are differences between him and his coach Juergen Klopp or the club’s management, which are disagreements that Salah refused more than once to confirm but did not categorically deny, especially when another was asked. Once about the nature of his relationship with Klopp and his answer carried a bit of coldness when he described the relationship between them as “normal professional.”

Here are some of the clubs that want to sign Salah.

Real Madrid :
Real Madrid is considered one of the most important teams that count on contracting with Salah, especially after some of his officials confirmed their desire to sign with Salah, in addition to the Egyptian star’s praise of the team’s coach Zinedine Zidan and described him as his ideal, but one obstacle remains is the money that the Spanish team can pay in Salah in light of the Corona crisis and the suffering of most clubs from financial hardship.

Barcelona :
Barcelona also wants to sign with Mohamed Salah, especially in light of the club’s lack of stars, the possibility of Messi leaving at the end of this season and the desire of the Spanish team to build a new team that achieves championships in addition to rumors about Salah encouraging Barcelona since he was a child, but financial obstacles also remain a strong reason for the difficulty of Salah’s departure To Barcelona, ​​given the big number that Liverpool could ask for.

Paris Saint-Germain :
Paris Saint-Germain may not face the same previous obstacles faced by the two giants of Spain, represented in the lack of financial liquidity to contract with Mohamed Salah, but the crisis remains in the possibility of Salah accepting a move to Paris Saint-Germain, especially since the club does not achieve major tournaments despite the massive spending, but the club thinks about Salah in particular. In light of the strong news that Mbappe wants to leave for another club.

Clubs of China :
Certainly, the Chinese clubs want to contract with Mohamed Salah, where they pay a lot of money in order to make a league that looks strong and attracted a lot of famous European stars, but certainly Salah will not take this step as he is not at the end of his career and certainly not money is his first concern, especially that he may find it in European clubs too.

Manchester City
It may seem crazy that Salah left Liverpool to Manchester City, but the club can have the financial capabilities for that, and the most important and most dangerous is the departure of Nje Aguero and the team’s desire to replace him with a striker who has the same high scoring rate, and certainly these specifications apply to Salah .. so will he move there?


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