FilGoal | News | Abdel Halim Ali: Zamalek players were affected by the talk about their preference due to Al-Ahly’s absence


Abdel Halim Ali, the former Zamalek star, believes that the white team’s focus on the many absences of Al-Ahly was the reason for the team’s loss for the summit match.

Al-Ahly beat Zamalek with two goals to one in a postponed match from Round 4 of the Egyptian League.

Abdel Halim told Youth and Sports Radio after the match: “Better luck for Zamalek, Al-Ahly captured in the first half with numerical intensity and translated its superiority by two goals.”

He added, “Carteron interfered with positive substitutions between the two halves, and succeeded in possession and high pressure, which was what the team missed in the first half.”

He explained, “A match with three points, but the competition is long and it was an enjoyable meeting with good performance for the two teams and the refereeing team.”

And he continued, “Zamalek did not succeed in wasting the penalty kick, and the final result does not diminish the players’ effort throughout the match.”

“Preparation for the match and what preceded it from the causes of loss, a catastrophe of the disasters that the team suffers from what appeared at the beginning of the match, and the players were affected by the rumors of the fans about Zamalek’s preference in light of the many absences of Al-Ahly.”

And he added, “The focus was on the many absences of Al-Ahly, and the beginning of Zamalek to meet and the basic formation and style of play and left the possession of Al-Ahly throughout the first half, while Al-Ahly performed well and the numerical density in the middle of the stadium.”

“Al-Ahly and Zamalek are two big teams, and when one of them advances, it will be difficult for the other team to compensate and return,” he added

He explained, “It was necessary to reduce mistakes from the beginning, but this is possible in football, and of course the fans have the right to grieve because the team was full in number and had three important points in the league championship, and we hope that the players will focus more in the coming period.”

Regarding the method of overcoming the loss, he said: “It is necessary to focus on the psychological rehabilitation of the players, this is the role of the technical staff, and to alert them to the need to focus in the course of the league. Negatives”.

Regarding the star of the match, Mohamed Magdy Afsha chose and justified his choice, saying: “Qafsha is the one who set the rhythm of Al-Ahly. He is the hidden player that Musimani relied on to control the way of playing and possession and moving between the midfield and defense of Zamalek.”


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