FilGoal | News | Abu Raida talks about … hosting the World Cup, the Football Association elections, and facing Italy


Hani Abu Raida, a member of the Executive Office of the Confederations of African and International Federation, stressed his unwillingness to run for the presidency of the Egyptian Football Association.

Abu Raida said via On Time Sports 2: “I do not have any desire to run for the presidency of the Egyptian Federation, but we do not know what might happen. If there are new developments and a need for my presence, then I may run.”

Regarding the organization of the World Cup, he revealed: “Egypt hosting the World Cup in participation with another country is an idea on the table and is being thought about, and this is one of the developments that I referred to regarding the possibility of my candidacy.”

He added, “I attend meetings of the International Federation, so how can I not attend the meetings of my country’s federations? The regulation allows me to do so as a member of the Executive Office, continually and internationally. I do not think about it, but if there is a need for me, I am not late.”

He revealed the details of the FIFA centenary celebration: “My wish is that we are facing the Italian national team in a friendly match to celebrate the centenary. There has already been talk with the Italian Federation and there was no objection, but the problem is in choosing a timing for the meeting.”

He continued, “The most important thing now is the new headquarters for the national teams, the federation of the game, the ballroom and the residence hotel. We must own a facility that is worthy of the Egyptian team like the rest of the world, we are not even less than the North African countries.”

He added, “Ahmed Mujahid is working in a special way on the centenary file, and I will look into it starting next week.”

Abu Raida was asked about the fact that he interfered with the selection of the governing committees of the Football Association or to overthrow them. He replied: “Nothing happens without coordination with the state, there is full respect for the regulations.”

He concluded: “My relationship is good with the International Federation and we are trying to search for the interest of Egyptian football. What we do is normal. We do not bring names from us, we submit respectable proposals only to the International Federation.”


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