FilGoal | News | After the death of his mother, Torreira: I do not want to play in Europe again .. I want to move to Boca to be with my family


Lucas Torreira, the Arsenal player on loan to Atletico Madrid, revealed his desire to play for Boca Juniors, Argentina and not to continue in Europe.

Torreira told the Argentinian-language ESPN: “My baby died after being infected with the Coronavirus at the age of 53.”

“I was struggling for 11 days before last Monday, I got the worst call ever,” he added.

He continued, “I asked permission (to travel to Argentina), Cholo (Diego Simeone) understood everything and gave me a one-week vacation, but I asked to last longer and I will return on Sunday at most.”

He stressed, “I have to play my role (towards the team) and life must go on. Atletico Madrid was great with me and this is an important thing.”

“I am not under the influence of feelings or I will make a decision due to the death of my mother, but I always said that I wanted to play for Boca Juniors.

“I don’t want to play in Europe again and I want to play for Boca, if not now, then maybe next June,” he said.

He continued, “I want to be close to my family, it is true that my contract with Arsenal and my loan to Atletico Madrid continues, but I want to go to Boca and I hope the clubs agree to my wish.”

He concluded, “I have not had happy periods on a personal level for two years. I pondered with Arsenal, and in Atletico Madrid I do not play as I wish, so I made my decision and I want to play for the Boca.”

Torreira, 25, ends his contract with Arsenal at the end of the current season, and plays on loan at Atletico Madrid until the end of the season.

Torreira played 22 matches for Atletico Madrid, with a total of 629 minutes.

Torreira moved to Arsenal in 2018 from Italian Sampdoria.

Torreira moved to Europe in 2014 when he moved to Pescara, Italy, from Wanderers of Uruguay.


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