FilGoal | News | Ahmed Fathy: Any player grieves not to participate .. But everything that is raised has no basis in truth


Pyramids star Ahmed Fathy denied having any problems with the club’s management at the present time.

“Since my return from injury, I have played 4 games with the team, and I have not played in the transit match in the Egypt Cup,” Fathi said via Ontime Sports from Morocco.

Pyramids have played 6 games since Fathi’s return from injury.

The 36-year-old explained, “Any player is sad about not participating, but there was no problem with the coach.”

He stressed, “Everything that is raised is unfounded.”

And earlier, A source from the club’s management stated to “Everything that has been reported about Pyramids’ intention to dispense with Fathy is incorrect“.

He stressed: “It is not true that coach Rodolfo Aruabarina asked to be fired“.

As for Hani Saeed, the sports director, he said: “Ahmed Fathy is my little brother. I have known him since we used to play together in Ismaili, and our relationship is wonderful.”

He explained, “There was no problem between me and Fathi, but he was upset that he did not play one of the matches, and this is his right. I spoke with him afterwards and informed him that the issue was related to technical matters and he spoke with the coach at the time.”

He continued, “The decision to participate is only for the coach, and we should not talk about it.”

He stressed, “Fathi has the right to feel upset when he does not participate, and this is something that does not defame him, on the contrary, despite reaching 36 years, but he maintains his fitness and wants to play.”

He continued, “I do not know the details of the call that brought together Ahmed Hossam Mido (the technical advisor and official spokesperson for the club) and Fathi, because it took place a few minutes before Pyramids traveled to Morocco, and we will sit down with the duo to solve the matter.”

“The club does not think of dispensing with Ahmed Fathy, and the news spread is incorrect. We are proud of Fathi’s presence and we know its importance well,” he stressed.

He concluded, “If we have any problem, we will announce it, but there are no problems in the team.”

Fathy, 36, joined Pyramids early this season in a free transfer after the end of his contract with Al-Ahly.

Fathy has played 14 matches for the Pyramids this season in the League and Confederation Cup competitions.


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