FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly coach: We want to preserve the African title … and we are used to playing the match in high heat


Sami shirts, Al-Ahly coach, said that his team wants to preserve the title it achieved last season in the African Champions League and win the tenth cup in its history.

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Al-Merrikh, Sudan, tomorrow, Saturday, in the fifth round of the African Champions League for Group A.

Sami Shirts said, “We seek to win against Mars to resolve our qualification for the quarter-finals and to complete our journey in the tournament to preserve the title.”

He continued, “We have prepared ourselves well for Mars, as it includes many distinguished players and is running the match at its home.”

And about holding the match during the day, he said: “The temperature will be high, which increases the physical burden on the players, but we have become accustomed to that and overcome these circumstances. We went through all our matches in the group stage at the same time.”

“All the players are in good spirits, especially after the victory over Vita Club in the Congo,” he added, “and Walid Selman also recovered.”

“We have a specific goal that we are working towards, which is to preserve the African title despite the pressure of matches and injuries,” he said.

Al-Ahly ranks second in Group A, with seven points, compared to 10 points for Sibma, the Tanzanian leader.

The Congolese Vita Club comes third with four points, followed by Mars fourth with one point.


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