FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly faces Simba at Al-Ahly stadium, we peace


Al-Ahly we Stadium will host the red team match against Simba in the final round of the CAF Champions League groups.

Al-Ahly will play Simba in the final round of the champions’ groups on Friday evening.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, football manager at Al-Ahly, said that the red team would play Simba at Al-Ahly we Al-Salam stadium instead of Cairo International Stadium.

Al-Ahly resumed training this afternoon, Tuesday, at the touch stadium on the island, after the end of the rest period that the team got yesterday, after returning from Sudan.

Before the start of the training session, Pitso Musimani, the team’s coach, held a video lecture with the players in which he talked about some technical aspects with the aim of correcting the mistakes that occurred during the last stage.

Al-Ahly officially qualified for the quarter-finals in the African Champions League, after tying with Sudan’s Al-Merrikh with two goals each in the match that was held at Al-Jawhara Al-Zarqa stadium in the fifth round of the group stage.


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