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Al-Amiri Farouq, Vice Chairman of Al-Ahly Board of Directors, announced that it has taken legal measures against people who deviated from the text towards it, stressing that respect must prevail among all.

Al-Amiri Farouk told MBC Egypt, saying, “I fasted for three days to give people an opportunity to review themselves, but bypassing and deviating from the text, I will take my legal measures against anyone who has gone out of the frame towards me. It is clear that there must be a pause because respecting people is nothing. A little”.

He added, “I am surprised by a very strange scene, and I cannot understand or understand what is happening. People say things that did not happen and did not say and believed themselves and say the same talk through all channels in a strange logic that is incomprehensible by a responsible person.”

He continued, “This is a normal match, and I am not the first time I attended a match in the Zamalek gymnasium, which has always existed in recent years, and Al-Ahly’s relationship with an institution the size of Zamalek is based on respect. What people must understand is that saying some talk is to get out of responsibility and try to impute what happened to other people, a flaw and not.” Responsible”.

Al-Amiri Farouk added, “Al-Ahly club was hosted by Zamalek in the Abdel Rahman Fawzi hall for a basketball meeting. There was no public presence and the board of directors of Al-Ahly and Zamalek were the only ones present, and since we entered our exit, we were sitting in our places and there was no dialogue about anything contrary to it.” .

He continued, “On the contrary, the president of Zamalek, a side dialogue happened between us, but literally for him, I will not speak about it even though he gave a completely different conversation about what happened, and he said that he does not know why Al-Ahly stuck out some players from the hall, although this did not happen.”

He stressed, “Al-Ahly club, with all due respect, but its name will not make it stick to a player who leaves, enters, or sits. Al-Ahly is based on one file only, on respecting the values, principles and rules of these powers. A sports apparatus intervenes if it sees a violation of the rules, but the board of directors intervenes in one case, which is withdrawal when He thinks that there is a decision that he must make. He will intervene, but Al-Ahly has not decided to withdraw.

And the former Minister of Sports continued his speech, “Al-Ahly’s board of directors was present in the stadium from six oclock to half past seven, an hour and a half. All the players were present and we did not talk about withdrawal, meaning that Al-Ahly gave Zamalek the space to restore what happened contrary to the normal situation for the crowd to storm the hall.”

And he added, “This is the truth that happened and that everyone knows, which was broadcast on the Nile Sports Channel and what was written in the referee’s report. The referee’s report did not say that Al-Ahly refused to play because of a player or the basketball board, he said that, but the Basketball Federation said that a previous match between Zamalek and Smouha took place. There are some things in it, after which the decision was taken to ban the public attendance. ”

He stressed, “We did not make the decision not to play the match, but rather the match observer said that Zamalek did not succeed in removing its fans at half past seven in the evening, but Al-Ahly was in the stadium for the last moment.”

Al-Amri Farouk asked Zamalek officials a question and said: “Any of the Zamalek officials should come out and say that this did not happen, and we are on our way out of the hall. The Zamalek board of directors used to shake hands with us and say we hope you will not be sad about what happened.”

He continued, wondering, “Who allowed some fans to enter the hall two minutes before the start of the match, especially since the match is held inside the club and all Zamalek officials said themselves that those who attended are the club’s members, well who allowed them to be present?”

He asked a second question and said: “Why do you not speak with the Basketball Association? Because you cannot, why? Because they sent you official letters explaining everything. You did not assume your responsibilities towards your popularity and your fans. You have a mistake in allowing the public to attend. You are the one suffering from the problem that occurred.”

Regarding the statements of Yasser Abdel Wahab, the coach of Zamalek, about the crowd attending the two teams’ match in the Al-Ahly hall, Al-Ameri Farouk completed his speech, saying: “He asks in the presence of the audience in the Al-Ahly hall to meet Zamalek, not Al-Ahly, the Basketball Federation is the one who issued the decision.”

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