FilGoal | News | Al-Badri: I am not good at dealing with stars? All my history is with them … and a friendly meeting before the start of the World Cup qualifiers


Hossam El-Badry, the coach of the Egyptian national team, explained that he worked to renew the motivations of the players at the beginning of his coaching interest.

He also responded to whether he is having difficulties dealing with the stars.

All of the following was said by Hossam El-Badry, coach of the Egyptian national team, on Youth and Sports Radio:

Next international stopover

“We addressed more than one country and coordinated with the Football Association to play a friendly match with an African national team before confronting Angola and Gabon in the next international break.”

Egypt is preparing to face Angola and Gabon in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in the next international break between May 31 and June 10.

Trezeguet’s injury

“Trezeguet’s injury bothered us, and I contacted him yesterday after the operation. I also contacted Mohamed Salah about some matters for the coming period, and Salah supports Trezeguet and is following up on his condition.”

“Trezeguet’s loss is big for the national team, and we have elements who will join those who were away due to injury or suspension and will be close in the coming period.”

The Aston Villa winger was injured in a cruciate ligament meeting in Liverpool.

Dealing with the stars

“I am not good at dealing with the stars? My whole history is with the stars, whether in Al-Ahly and the Olympic team, and also in Sudan with Mars as a great team. Sometimes those who repeat that are unconscious and (Hafiz I don’t understand).”

“I have communicated with all the national team players with Mohamed Salah and everyone. I contacted Amr Al-Soliya, Ahmed Hegazy and Abdullah Al-Saeed a few days ago. I also made sure of Muhammad Al-Shennawi and all the players, and my relationship must be close.”

“The current group is distinguished, their relationship is close, and what I saw in previous gatherings is very positive, and we are optimistic after qualifying for the African Nations Cup and the start of the strongest stage in the next World Cup qualifiers.”

Qualifying campaign

“The road to qualifying for the nations of Africa was difficult. We achieved the goal and qualified, and I did not want to talk about justifications.”

“After the elimination in 2019 from the Nations Cup, frustration prevailed and we needed time to put motives and desire into action, and it was difficult and that caused the two draws at the beginning of the journey.”

“I confirmed to the players that we will qualify as the first group, as I confirm our ability to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.”

Professional participation in the Arab Cup

“The terms of the tournament are not clear, but there is a decision to participate. The draw will be held on April 25 and I will attend the draw in Qatar with Ahmed Mujahid, President of the Federation.”

The championship will be held next December and include 22 Arab teams in Qatar.


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