FilGoal | News | Al-Masry coach in the Joule: We want to stabilize our feet in the golden square against Ismaily


Mohamed Abdel Karim, the general coach of Al-Masry, wants his team to succeed in defeating Al-Ismaily in the next match between them, to install his feet further in the golden square of the league.

Al-Masry will meet Al-Ismaily next Wednesday at Alexandria Stadium in the 18th round of the league.

Mohamed Abdel Karim told “Our confrontation against Ismaili will be strong and we will work to achieve a positive result to prove our feet in the golden square.”

He continued, “Whatever the Ismaili situation, the confrontation between us will continue to have a special character.”

And he added, “Ismaily has motives to improve his situation and they have a wonderful technical director like Ihab Jalal, but the mission of the Egyptian technical staff, led by Ali Maher, is to achieve positive results that put the teams in a good position in the ranking table.”

And about the absence of Austin Umoto from the meeting, he said: “The matter will not confuse our calculations, although it is one of the basic elements, but we have Kazadi Kasengu and Ahmed Jumaa.”

And he added, “We are waiting for the return of Ahmed Shedid Kenawy and Ahmed Shoushas return to the defense line, which was a good thing for us.”

Regarding how Al-Masry took advantage of the international suspension, the general coach of the Port Said team said, “The technical staff developed a plan that all the players carried out well, and we saw that against the vanguards of the army.”

“One of the best decisions of the technical staff is our presence during the international suspension in Port Said, as we got a great moral boost from the public by dealing with it on a daily basis,” he added.

“The league in general is strong, and the three points place the team among the leading teams, and their loss drops the team to the middle of the league, so we do not look at all our matches except to win.”

Al-Masry is ranked fourth in the table with 26 points, one point behind Al-Ahly, but the Port Said team played 16 games against 11 for its opponent.

As for Ismaily, it ranks 17th and penultimate in the table with 11 points, after playing 17 matches.


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