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A few hours after the revolutionary – or perhaps dissociative – decision to activate the European Super League competition, European Union President Alexander Ceferin came out in a violent press conference.

Ceferin not only hid behind an official statement issued by the media outlets of his organization, but went out himself to address the leaders of the dissident League with a set of non-diplomatic words.

The Slovenian man with sharp Eastern European features opened fire on Andrea Agnelli and Ed Woodward, calling them “snakes”.

Ceferin said among his statements: “We will stand against this shameful, selfish and greedy idea. We are all united against this nonsense. This idea is a spit in the faces of football fans. We will not allow them to take that from us.”

He added, “I worked as a criminal lawyer for 24 years and I have never seen people this bad.”

He revealed: “Woodward called me Thursday evening and told me that he was completely satisfied with the new format of European competitions, and the only thing he wanted to discuss was the Financial Fair Play law, although at that time he had signed the agreement with other clubs.”

And he exclaims, “As for Andrea Agnelli, it is the biggest disappointment. I have not seen someone who can lie all these times, this is unbelievable.”

Who is Ceferin

Before Ceferin, Michel Platini was a familiar head of the European Union, a face all football fans know.

A legendary player, he did not succeed as a coach, so he turned to the presidency of UEFA, and regardless of the way his rule ended, his media presence and his popularity among the fans did not allow Ceferin to enter a comparison with him.

On the other hand, from the womb of the earthquake, Ceferin came out sweeping the 2016 UEFA presidential election with 42 votes to Michael Van Bragg’s 13th.

Ceferin never practiced professional football, a prominent lawyer in Slovenia, following in the footsteps of his father, gradually entered the sport and became president of the Slovenian Federation in 2011.

Before completing his fifth decade, he was already on the throne of Europe, so how did he succeed in achieving this? This is precisely what takes us directly to the European Super League.

Ceferin was so clever, he didn’t put his campaign time wooing the top of the continent, so one vote from Iceland equaled one from England in the end.

Thus he worked very hard with the Eastern Bloc countries that broke away from Yugoslavia, as well as held a lot of talks with the Scandinavian countries.

All of them are either not wealthy countries, or they do not possess a well-established football legacy, and in both cases they cannot match the continent’s English giants, the Spanish and the Italians.

For this, Ceferin bombarded these small footballing nations with promises of development and insisted that he would represent them fairly.

The idea of ​​the European Super League demolishes all that, and sends the clubs of those countries to the bottom.

Ceferin once stated: “In my presence, the European Super League will not become a reality.”

But the historic statement in the first minutes of April 19 turned the tables on Ceferin and the myriad of clubs and small countries that took him as their protector.

Successfully implementing the idea of ​​the European Super League will likely mean the end of Ceferin’s reign in the presidency of UEFA, as he failed in his primary mission that made it his preoccupation.

Agnelli’s betrayal

Back in his fierce press conference, Ceferin seemed to be shouting not from an institutional point of view, but in a purely personal tone.

The reason for this is his strong relationship with Juventus President Andrea Agnelli, the first Italian club to announce their presence in the European Super League.

Agnelli, who until last night was president of the European Club Association, has worked closely with Ceferin for years.

Ceferin, who speaks fluent Italian in his turn, took Agnelli’s strength among European continental clubs as a support and arm in the war on the European Super League, and he did not expect that the “stabbing” would come from his counterpart Agnelli himself, as described by Tariq Banja, a New York Times journalist familiar with the matter.

In November 2018, Ceferin and Agnelli appeared together at a press conference in the Belgian capital, Brussels, in which they publicly presented the idea of ​​establishing the European Super League and similar ideas.

Agnelli, who grew in influence over the years, cemented this with a strong relationship with Ceferin, allowing him to take a ride in a Ferrari after the Slovenian told him he had never driven a Ferrari in my life.

Agnelli took advantage of Ceferin’s passion for cars and motorcycles, as he joined the desert safari with his youth.

Agnelli was even allowing Ceferin to fly in his elegant private plane.

Moreover, when Agnelli gave birth to his youngest child, Ceferin made her a spiritual father in a move that strengthened the family ties between the two parties.

Ceferin must not be too naive to anticipate the creation of the European Super League clubs.

The matter is that he did not expect it from Agnelli, who was always opposed to the idea in his statements, especially as he held the position of president of the European Club Association, which are clubs the vast majority of which will not be able to participate in the Super League, which he jumped to with his black and white vehicle.

Ceferin has practically become between the grindstones, either to continue to support the young people’s agenda that brought him to his seat, or to relax and empower the adults and share the television broadcasts with them.

Either way, Ceferin appears to have lost the war the moment he was stung by the snake, and his best friend stabbed him.


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