FilGoal | News | An April Fool that did not apply to Ramos, unfortunately for Zidane


Real Madrid fans received alarming news in the first half of their day, with captain Sergio Ramos being injured and absent for nearly a month.

this is The new setback would prevent Ramos from leading his team-mates back and forth against LiverpoolAs well as in El Clasico, which will largely draw the features of the Spanish League title.

And immediately, like the drowning clinging to the air, some fans believed that the news of the injury was April Fools, perhaps because they did not want to believe the news was true, or because it was not able to verify its accuracy.

An official source in the Real Madrid Media Center commented on It is reported that Ramos’ injury is not real and that it is April Fool’s Day.

The source said: “The medical report has been published, and Ramos is already injured. Why might we joke about this?”

He added, “Everyone can view the medical report on our website.”

He concluded, “We never joke like this.”

How do you reveal April Fools?

There is no magic way that enables you to detect lies of the media and various accounts on social media platforms, But there is the general context and the human mind to try to discern the situation.

Firstly, it is not entirely possible for a club to publish the news of the injury of one of its players for the sake of joking, because it is a matter of human health above all, and is not a joke.

Secondly, April Fools Day, or April Fools as it is called universally, does not fall in Spain on April 1, but rather on December 28, and is called Dia de los Santos Inocentes, or “the Day of the Innocent Saints.”

On that day, Spanish newspapers and accounts are filled with all sorts of fake news, but almost all of them are light news.

You will not find, for example, news about someone being infected with the Coronavirus, because health-related matters are sacred.

Real Madrid also follows a somewhat strict and official policy across its media platforms.

Unlike other clubs, you will not find a Real Madrid account involved in the “trend” of the Suez Canal, as Chelsea did, for example.

Just as every tweet and post is very accurate and strongly expresses the policy of the club’s management, you will also not find similar tweets to the accounts of Atletico Madrid and Barcelona where they criticize the arbitration directly and publicly.

Practical example

This morning, Real Betis published a photo of its French star Nabil Fakir, accompanied by a horse, and commented on it:

“Officially, Nabil Faqir has informed the club of his intention to retire at the end of the season to focus on the passion for horse breeding. Thank you for everything, Nabil, we wish you the best.”

After two hours, the account replied, explaining that it was April Fools. Of course, he did not need to explain this, but he should be noted.

So why did Real Betis, a Spanish club, keep up with the “trend” even though today in Spain – and the vast majority of Latin America – is celebrated on December 28th?

Simply because the account that published that tweet is Betis’ English account, not the Spanish one, and therefore it addresses a different segment of the audience.

But if you access the Spanish account, you will not find a mention of the joke, but many Spaniards may be ignorant of the foundation that April 1 is the day of lies.

The conclusion is that Ramos is already injured, unfortunately for Zinedine Zidane.


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