FilGoal | News | Appealing to the Joule: Ashour’s penalty for all competitions … and we will verify the authenticity of the video


Imam Ashour with Zamalek in front of Al-Ahly in the Youth Summit, born in 1999

Adel Al-Shorbaji, head of the Appeals Committee at the Football Association, stressed that the penalty for Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player, to suspend 12 matches is applicable to all competitions.

Disciplinary Committee punished Imam AshourZamalek player, suspended 12 matches and fined 200 thousand pounds, and the committee punished 5 Zamalek youths by stopping 8 matches and fining them 100,000 pounds, in the “video incident of a number of Zamalek players within the team born in 1999.” The Football Association also announced that it had received “Zamalek Club’s request to appeal, which suspends the implementation of the decision until it is considered, and states that the Appeal Committee has the right to adopt, amend or cancel the penalty.”

Al-Shorbaji told, “The penalty applies to all entitlements, including matches for the youth team and the first team in all tournaments.”

And he added, “We have no right to increase the penalty except in the event that Al-Ahly submits an appeal against the punishment and demands that it be more severe.”

And he continued, “The first thing we work on is to make sure the videos are correct and not forged. If we make sure of their authenticity, we review what was said in the video and how much he deserves punishment without it.”

“After that, we hear the defenses of each party, and the legal representatives of all the parties to the dispute may be summoned, and based on these matters we make the final decision,” he explained.

“We will start looking into the dispute tomorrow, Wednesday,” he concluded.

Ashour was previously punished by the Disciplinary Committee after the local super match last season, for 10 matches, in the famous argument between Al-Ahly and Zamalek players in the Emirates.

The committee also punished him again by suspending him for a match, after an altercation with Al-Masry goalkeeper Ahmed Masoud after the two teams met in the league last season.

Al-Ahly had filed a complaint against Ashour and his teammates, after a video of them spread, describing Al-Ahmar as carrying “inappropriate transgressions” by the player and his teammates after the two clubs’ match on Sunday in the last round of the Republic League for players born in 1999.

Al-Ahly stated that he attached the complaint to five videos of the players that included “insults, insults and foreign words” against Al-Ahly, its board of directors, its former president, its entity and its fans.

On Sunday, Ahmed Mujahid, head of the governing committee of the Egyptian Football Association, announced that Imam Ashour would be transferred to the Disciplinary Committee.

Amr Al-Dardir, the official spokesman for Zamalek, said that punishment awaits Ashour.

Zamalek’s youth team lost 2-1 to Al-Ahly on Sunday, before they both celebrated their league title.

Zamalek celebrated, thinking that the goal difference would give him the title, while Al-Ahly celebrated, thinking that a direct confrontation would resolve the crown.

The Egyptian Football Association decided to hold a play-off match for the title between the two clubs on April 20.


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