FilGoal | News | Carteron reveals what he said to the Zamalek players after the Al-Ahly match


Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron revealed what he said to Zamalek players after the Al-Ahly meeting.

“I told them that if we had scored a penalty kick against Al-Ahly, we would not have blamed the fans and that we deserved a draw,” Carteron said in statements to Ontime Sports 1.

“I also told them that it is not the end of the competition and we have to continue to do well. The tournament is still long and we are continuing to compete for the title,” he added.

The French coach continued, “Translating my words after the Al-Ahly match was not successful during the press conference. I wanted to express that we were pressured at the beginning of the meeting, but I did not talk about the opponent, and I did not say anything bad about the players, of course.”

And about returning to Zamalek from Saudi Arabia, Carteron said, “As I said earlier, if I wanted money, I would continue in Saudi Arabia at the start of a new and good season, but I have a passion for Zamalek and its fans. We will fight until the end of the season for the League and the Egypt Cup.”

Zamalek defeated El Entag El Harby 2-0 today, Thursday, in a postponed match in the 16th round of the Egyptian League.


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