FilGoal | News | Didier Gomez: Simba will become one of the continent’s top leaders … and if we want to go far, we have to prove it against Al-Ahly


Didier Gomez, Simbas coach, Tanzanian, believes that his team will become one of the leaders of the African continent in the coming years due to the ambition of its chairman and board of directors.

The French coach spoke at the press conference held today, Thursday, before the Al-Ahly confrontation on Friday, saying: “We have a very difficult match that we will play and it is important to show everyone that we are developing.”

He continued, “We will finish the group in the lead and we want to perform well against Al-Ahly. We are interested not to be defeated in the group stage. We came with humility but great ambition to achieve a positive result.”

Simba is a guest of Al-Ahly to meet him in the sixth round of the African Champions League for Group A at Al-Ahly WE Al-Salam stadium.

Didier Gomez added, “We have a good team and strong players from different nationalities, and if we want to go far in that competition, we have to prove this against a big team like Al-Ahly.”

“We performed very well in the match against Al-Ahly and deserved to win because we showed a good defensive commitment, and against a team like Al-Ahly, you must show that commitment,” he added.

He continued, “We also showed a collective performance when we had possession of the ball and because of that we are at the top of the group. Simba deserved the lead.”

He continued, “It is important to play these kinds of matches against a team like Al-Ahly, number one in Africa, and I remember that we faced Mazembe and Al-Hilal in a friendly tournament and we won and it was a great experience for us.”

Didier Gomez stressed, “Simba can be one of the tops of the African continent in the coming years because of the ambition of the club’s president and its board of directors, and we have to show that and go far in that tournament and mature.”

“We do not have injuries and we will play tomorrow with the best formation available to us because we have the incentive to appear well and we will stick in defense as we did in the first game. We have individual skills that also make the difference, and we want to become more dangerous and effective, and we must keep the ball like we did in all our matches,” Simba coach concluded.


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