FilGoal | News | Esperance in the Joule: Scoring 4 goals in 35 minutes does not arouse suspicion? We welcome any inquiries from KAF and FIFA


Hossam El Din Abu Bakr, a member of the legal committee of Tunisias Esperance, criticized the accusations that his club had colluded with Mouloudia of Algeria.

Esperance tied against Mouloudia on Saturday evening in the sixth round of the Champions League groups, to lead the first and climb the second at the expense of Zamalek.

Abu Bakr stated across “Any team has the right to file a complaint, and there is nothing forcing any team to enter its meetings with specific players or not to involve the players for fear of warnings and suspensions for them.”

He added: “Esperance traveled last season to play one of the matches in the African Champions League with its second team and without its technical director after securing qualification, so was that collusion with the opposing team at the time?”

He asked, “Why is this conversation coming now, even though Esperance plays the match with its available players ?!”

He stressed: “No club can ask Esperance to think about it at the expense of Esperance’s interest and to protect its injured players, who are threatened with suspension or exhausted.”

He continued, “Does scoring 4 goals within 35 minutes do not arouse suspicion?”

He pointed out: “Zamalek should not hide from his mistakes and his modest technical level at the beginning of the group stage, behind things that only happen in the imagination of Zamalek, as he won only two points from the first 4 matches.”

He added, “Is the team that drew with Zamalek in Cairo unable to return with a draw from Tunisia? Especially since it was playing a fateful match while Esperance has already qualified since the Cairo match?”

He asked, “Was Esperance complicit when he lost from Toungit? Let everyone focus on his mistakes and fix them instead of hiding behind flimsy arguments.”

He emphasized, “We welcome any investigation by CAF or FIFA.”

He revealed: “We played 22 matches within a period of 100 days, which included foreign trips for the players with their countries’ teams with Tunisia, Cote d’Ivoire, Libya and Algeria, in addition to the difficulty of air travel due to Coronas precautionary measures.”

He continued: “This insane, persistent pattern affected the players and caused muscle injuries to the team. We have played a large number of matches and this week we went through an exhausting trip to Senegal in a high temperature.”

He concluded: “Just thinking about the pace of matches causes stress, what do you think about the players themselves who play them!”

Amr Al-Dardir was the head of the media committee in Zamalek It has been explained to His club is in the process of filing a complaint with CAF because of what happened in the Esperance and Mouloudia match.

Al-Dardeer said to “We decided to file a complaint with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) against Esperance and Mouloudia.”

“The complaint will be based on the match videos, especially in the second half, as well as the match statistics in the second half, because what happened is not related to fair play,” he added.

And he completed, “The Zamalek team presented what was required of him, and the players are not to blame. The team returned to its normal path and the high spirit returned to it in the last two rounds of the group stage.”

Zamalek beat Senegalese Tongith 4-1 in the final round of the group stage, but that was not enough to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Esperance and Mouloudia drew 1-1, to ensure Esperance top of the fourth group after raising its tally to 11 points, while Mouloudia qualified in second place after raising its tally to 9 points.

While Zamalek bid farewell to the championship, despite defeating Senegalese Tongith by four, reaching a total of 8 points.

This qualification is historic for Mouloudia, as it surpasses the group stage for the first time in its participation in the modern CAF Champions League system.


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