FilGoal | News | Faraj Amer: Hossam Hassan to my people in Tripoli on Thursday … and no one can defeat Smouha


Faraj Amer, President of Smouha, with Ismail Al-Shetwi, Honorary President of Al-Ahly Tripoli, Libya

Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, revealed that its striker Hossam Hassan is moving on loan to Al-Ahly Tripoli on Thursday.

Likewise, Amer criticized the performance of his team, which achieved a 12th draw in 17 Egyptian League matches against Ghazl El Mahalla on Tuesday.

Amer told Radio On Sport: “We miss very easy opportunities, this is our situation in every match. While the opponent does not waste opportunities, and we tied against Al Mahalla with an unnecessary mistake with a penalty kick.”

And he added, “Our team includes distinguished players and an excellent coach, but there is an excess of confidence. I am very angry at the large number of draws, we are tying our will in some matches.”

He stressed, “We always miss two chances that cannot be wasted in the first quarter of a minute, as if our defenders are preparing the ball for the opponents’ goalkeepers.”

“I do not mean that there is negligence or negligence. The players are making every effort to win. Our team is strong, no one can defeat us, we have only lost once after 17 games,” he said.

“The Mahalla spinning team is enormous, and its trainer, Khaled Eid, is an artist and professor. He built a team at the lowest costs,” he said.

He finished, “Hossam Hassan? His move in the middle of the season affected his focus. We agreed to loan him and tomorrow he will move to Al-Ahly Tripoli. He is afraid of injury, he is a formidable player and a great strength in our ranks. He is definitely afraid of injury before a new experience and he thinks about what awaits him.”


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