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Immediately after 24 hours completely and completely after the most controversial football decision in modern times, the person leading this revolutionary revolt appeared: Florentino Perez.

The president of Real Madrid – and the president of the European Super League as well – spoke in a lengthy dialogue on the Spanish “Chernigito” program, and defended the new tournament, which received fierce criticism in the past hours.

Peres responded extensively to all the accusations of greed that he and the 11 companions had against him, responded forcefully to Alexander Ceferin, President of the European Union, addressed his message to Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, and was concerned about the statements of Javier Tebas, President of La Liga in his own way.

The dialogue, which lasted for nearly two hours, froze the world of football, how not, and the speaker is the leader of the new world of football, that tournament that if it came to light would be a milestone in the history of the game.

Below is Perez’s full statements about the European Super League.


“I am the leader of the idea? Nobody is leading anything. What happened is that the important clubs in England, Spain and Italy had to deal with the very bad situation that we are going through with financial losses.”

“When you do not have sufficient financial revenues, the solution is to create attractive matches, and from here we started work, and we came to the conclusion that organizing a Super League throughout the week instead of the Champions League will make us compensate for our losses.”

“Football needs to evolve like anything in life, such as companies, people, mentalities, and even social media, especially with the situation we live in.”

“Football is now starting to lose interest, viewership rates have decreased and consequently broadcast rights. We are totally destroyed. Young people from 16 to 24 years old have no interest in the game, and have become interested in other activities, so we have to make football attractive again.”

“The same thing happened in the fifties with the Santiago Bernabeu, when the Champions League started, and that time changed the history of football.”

“I am not an owner of Real Madrid, in the end all I do is in the interest of football. The game is at a pivotal moment.”

“A match between Real Madrid and United, or Barcelona and Milan, produces more money than a match against modest teams in the Champions League.”

“Seville (who refused to participate in the Super League) can qualify for it, because it is not a closed tournament as they say, this is not true, there are 5 teams that can qualify for it every year.”

“We have already contacted UEFA and FIFA. I don’t know why they are upset. We said in the statement that we have contacted UEFA.”

“Uefa has worked on a new system for the Champions League, and with all due respect I do not understand it, nobody understands it, it does not generate financial returns that can save football. Real Madrid is not mine, it is the property of its members. UEFA also opposed the launch of the Champions League in its beginning.”

“UEFA works in a monopoly system, it has to be more transparent. We want to save football. I came to the year 2000 to save Real Madrid from a very bad situation, and I did so without personally benefiting, the players were not getting paid, I put in a new system and it worked.” Its time. ”

On UEFA’s threats to not allow players to participate internationally

“I tell the players to be completely calm. This will never happen. This talk is the product of the confusion of the monopolists only. UEFA is a monopoly and it does not have a good image throughout its history. I do not want to deal with specific matters. They cannot threaten anyone.”

“The new system of the Champions League does not understand anyone. I spoke with all the leagues and federations, and no one understands it, and on top of that they say that it will start in 2024, we will be dead by 2024, there are clubs that have already lost hundreds of millions.”

And about the threat of exclusion from the Champions League

“These are institutional threats that confuse monopoly and property. They should not threaten, they should talk. We have proposed a system that we believe will save football, just as it did when the Champions League competition started.”

“They will not exclude any team from the Champions League, this is completely certain. They will not exclude us, Manchester City or anyone.”

“Football is watched by 4000 million people. We have to respect them. We cannot suffer all these losses. We have reached a solution without bumping into anyone. Some believe that they own these institutions and this is not true.”

“In basketball, we play the Spanish League, and we play the Euroleague as well. Why might the Super League affect LaLiga? The epidemic has changed everything and we have to deal with that.”

“We want young people to leave the phone and tablet and watch football again, with the passion filling them.”

“The Champions League is an attractive tournament starting in the quarter-finals, but before that it receives little attention. We face modest teams that do not attract attention.”

“I did not invite Paris Saint-Germain, and we did not let the Germans, we are 12 clubs, we may become 15.”

“How do they say that this tournament will eliminate local competitions? The local leagues are the pillar of all competitions.”

“The monopoly of participation on certain clubs? This situation is only currently, this will not last for fifty years, for example. Clubs like Napoli and Rome will have the right to participate, if it does not happen this year, then it will be the following year. But the teams that bring in money are the main 15. We are a sport that he watches. 4000 million people and most of them support those few clubs. ”

“The president of the European Union cannot go out and insult a colleague like he did with Agnelli badly. This is unreasonable. He cannot say that in public. The European Union should change. We do not want a UEFA president to insult the president of a great club.”

“In a democratic institution, we do not understand similar statements. I defend Real Madrid until it develops, I have 4 years, and with the current Champions League revenues we will perish, the money is decreasing and the follow-up decreases. The big teams will perish as well as the medium and small.”

“They say that the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, and this is not true. We will all come out of this crisis and save football. We will not allow football to disappear, and this change is the only solution to save the small and medium teams.”

“The people who can express their opinion are the masses, and they want a higher level of competition.”

“The remarks of Boris Johnson? He said that because they told him that this competition will destroy the English Premier League, he will see that this is not true.”

Real Madrid have won the most in the Champions League, but will start from scratch in the new tournament?

“No, we will not start from scratch. We have won the largest number of European Cups and the Champions League. We are always fighting to be at the top. But life changes. New generations appeared with other ideas and we have to deal with them. If we continue to play the Champions League, the interest in it will gradually diminish.”

“The new system for the Champions League that begins in 2024 is ridiculous.”

“We are excluded from the Champions League? This will not happen. The law protects us. I will not delve into legal issues, but excluding us is impossible.”

“I do not make any money from my presidency of Real Madrid. If I want a shirt for the club, I pay for it. If I enter the club’s restaurant, I pay for the food. I do not get any money from Real Madrid, it is a historical responsibility.”

“How long will I be president of the Super League? Until they overthrow me.”

“Football is going through a moment of free fall. We are on the verge of doom. We do not want to get rich, we want to save football.”

“I am ready to trade my position (as President of the Super League) with anyone, with Laporta, or Agnelli, anyone. This competition will develop video technology and referees and there will be physical clean play, it will be an important step for the continuation of football for another 100 years.”

“I did not find it difficult to convince Laporta, this will help Barcelona, ​​who is going through a difficult financial situation. Laporta is a logical person and he understood the idea. Football is going through a difficult situation that I have not seen in my 20 years in the game. If we do not move, the game will not continue, it will disappear.”

“Real Madrid players are not afraid and they did not even ask us about it, this is our own, I don’t know about the other clubs.”

“We have to change a lot in the international match system. There are a lot of international matches, and there are international tournaments that people do not even know their name.”

“We have been working on implementing the idea for nearly two years, and the epidemic has made it a priority because the situation has deteriorated. We are doing our utmost. We are in dialogue with the players to reduce salaries, and we have sold a player we would not have sold without the financial crisis. We are doing what we can.”

“We announced the launch of the tournament now so that we can start it next season if possible. We all signed the agreement on Saturday.”

“Which judges will we rely on? We will try to select the best referees based on professional criteria, we will do our best.”

“In Barcelona they are not satisfied with my presidency of the tournament? In that case, I am ready to transfer my position to Laporta from tomorrow with pleasure, I say that frankly, they chose me because I initiated the idea, but anyone will do like me, it will be done through professional procedures.”

“I do not know why they are selling the idea that we will compete in La Liga with the reserve team and are promoting that the Spanish League will disappear.”

“This change is in favor of the fans of the smaller teams as well. Their survival depends on football in general being fine. Most of the modest clubs in the Spanish League cannot be making money, while Barcelona loses a lot of money, this cannot continue.”

“Young people now play the Playstation and spend their time on other platforms apart from football, they say that the football match is too long. That is why we have to change something, Real Madrid was founded in 1902, and sometimes we do not understand our children, grandchildren, or young politicians, because these are different generations, but The world is changing. If young people can no longer afford to watch a full game, it is because football is no longer attractive. There are matches I cannot watch, I say that honestly. ”

“I know how much LeBron James is earning, because it’s something advertised. But I don’t know how much the president of the European Union makes. I believe in transparency. We have cut salaries at Real Madrid and in my company as well, and I don’t think they cut them in Uefa or LaLiga. I love football and Real Madrid so much. It hurts me that that happens in these difficult times. ”

“The sponsors themselves are going through tough times, like our sponsors Adidas and Emirates Airlines, some think nothing has happened, but a lot has happened. I ask for transparency, everyone knows how much NBA players make, so why don’t we know how much people make here?”

“The European Union should understand that the situation has changed on the continent. There are countries that want their own championship. I heard that the Scandinavian countries want their own competition, the Balkan countries as well, and the Benelux Union, everyone wants change because the current situation will drive us to perdition.”

“I didn’t talk to Tepas (LaLiga president), I don’t usually talk to him, and I don’t go to League meetings. Whoever goes is Jose ngel Sanchez.”

“Our next steps? We will talk with UEFA and FIFA. We want to create a competition similar to the Euroleague (European Basketball Championship), we want to control our destiny and join hands, if it produces a lot of money it will benefit everyone. Who says it will benefit the rich only is it.” Someone who does not want to change the situation. ”

Commenting on the closure of the newspaper, Marca, critical of the new tournament:

“Do you know who is the owner of Marca newspaper? He himself is the owner of Turin club, maybe the matter is related to the club with Juventus.”

“We are trying to bring the point of view closer with all parties so that the British prime minister does not come out and say things that have nothing to do with reality.”


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