FilGoal | News | Fiery statements from Abdel Hafeez about stopping him, the position from the summit, and what happened with Zamalek in 2019


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, football manager at Al-Ahly, renewed his objection to his team’s match schedule, and also expressed his admiration for the decision to suspend him for a match.

Al-Ahly woke up and defeated Enppi by three goals to one in the Egyptian League competitions on Saturday night.

Abdel Hafeez said after the match: “We achieved an important gain in light of playing every 48 hours.”

He added on Radio Youth and Sports: “My suspension happened because of an intervention on the radio that angered an official.”

He continued: “We need as officials to understand without excesses, but rather small inquiries, whether my words are correct or wrong, and for someone to respond to me, I may not have the complete vision.”

He continued: “We play every 48 hours, for the first time in history, 10 games in a month. It is a very large number, and the possibility of losing points with it is very possible.”

He continued: “This is just an inquiry. I am affected by the postponements. On Tuesday we will play against Al-Masry, then El-Gouna on Friday, and then Ghazl Al-Mahalla on Monday, why do I play against Al-Mahalla, which is the second round match ?!” Then Al-Ittihad in Alexandria two days later, then we will face Zamalek on the 10th day. May”.

He explained: “We will face Al-Mahalla in the second round, where is the Aswan match from the first round? Why do I start the second round before finishing the first round postponements? How do I travel from Alexandria to Mahalla at dawn because of fasting and then face Zamalek? The league started by facing the clearing and then spinning the Mahalla, and arranging it in The table before the Al-Ittihad and Al-Mahalla matches? Why should I not play against the clearing house in Cairo first?

He explained, “We agreed to pressure the match schedule, what about arranging matches? Do we have no right to it?”

And he added: “I do not want to say that the intention is bad; this schedule is set before the end of the group stage, if Al-Ahly leads its group in the Champions League, how would we play against Zamalek 3 days before an external match in the quarter-finals.”

He revealed: “I have 4 inquiries for certain people without turning around. On May 24, 2019, it was our desire and the desire of all the clubs. Petrojet had one match against Al Mokawloon, and El Gouna had two matches against Entag and Zamalek, and Al Ahly against Al Mokawloon and Zamalek.”

He recalled: “On this date, all the clubs finished the league competition. The representatives of the clubs asked that Zamalek play every 3 days. We said it was illogical to wait two months for Zamalek to finish their matches. Ahmed Mujahid told us at the time,” And why is the rest of the clubs content to watch Zamalek and its schedule is pressed before its match In the Confederation Final?

He continued: “El-Gouna waited two months for him to play the Zamalek match, why did the logic change? Another direct question: Why was I suspended?”

He added, “A question to Captain Muhammad Al-Sabahi and Wajih Ahmed, head of the referees committee, I objected unnaturally and got a warning. Is the warning punishable by suspension and a fine of 50 thousand pounds?”

He continued: “How do I get a warning when I am not on the match sheet,” score sheet? ”

He continued, “What is the difference between an Enppi penalty kick and the penalty kick that was not awarded to Mohamed Sharif?”

He asked, “Where is the regulation that states this penalty that was issued in my regard? The regulation states that repetition of the offense equals doubling the penalty.”

He claimed: “Before the Smouha match, a match was suspended and 10 thousand pounds, but due to the personalization of things, the penalty jumped to 50 thousand pounds instead of 20 thousand pounds.”

He stressed: “I did not object to playing every 48 hours, but where are the two matches in Aswan and the clearing? Whoever sets the schedule knows very well the dates of the Champions League.”

He revealed: “It is possible to confront Aswan in Cairo and address them to the matter due to our circumstances, as we did in the Ghazl El Mahalla match. At that time, he demanded that the locality replace the match venue for security reasons.”

He stressed: “The Football Association is supposed to help us in light of our association with the Champions League matches.”

He asked: “Where do we come from health in light of the pressure of matches in this way? We did not submit any request to the Football Association to postpone the Zamalek match, but we sent a letter that there is intense pressure for our matches in the league in an unprecedented way. Is what is happening now with the principle of equal opportunities?”

He concluded: “The speech aims to carry over any match, even one day, with respect to Al-Nasr team. What is the importance of playing against it at this time in the Egypt Cup? Is it not possible to finish the cup matches completely in 10 days? Which is the most important league or cup championship?”


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