FilGoal | News | Formation of the Canal Derby – Ahmed Gomaa leads the attack of Al-Masry … and I see Babel, a fundamental one with the Ismaili


Emad Hamdy and Amr Moussa in the Al-Masry and Al-Ismaili match

Ahmed Jumaa leads the attack of the Egyptian club, while Fakhr al-Din ibn Yusuf and Ari Babel start as the first two with the Ismaili.

Ali Maher and Ihab Galal announced the formations of the Egyptian and Ismaili club, for the match between the two teams in the Canal Derby shortly after.

Ahmed Jumaa leads the Al-Masry attack, while Hassan Ali continues as a left back in the match, at the expense of Ahmed Shedid Kenawy, and Hajjaj Aweys as a right-back.

The Egyptian pose came as follows:

Guard: Ahmed Masoud.

Defense: Hassan Ali – Ahmed Hamed “Shusha” – Amr Moussa – Hajjaj Owais.

Middle: Farid Shawky – Easy Emeka.

In front of them: Ahmed Refaat – Mustafa Sultan – Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid.

The attack: Ahmed Jumaa.

On the other hand, Ihab Jalal starts with Fakhr El Din Bin Youssef as the main striker, while Mohamed Hassan starts next to Mohamed Adel in the middle of the stadium.

The Ismaili formation was as follows:

Guard: Mohamed Fawzy.

Defense: Hussein Al-Sayed – Marwan Sahrawi – Muhammad Ammar – Abdullah Jumaa.

Middle: Mohamed Hassan – Mohamed Adel.

In front of them: Iry Babel – Ahmed Madbouly – Shukri Naguib.

The attack: Fakhr al-Din ibn Yusuf.


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