FilGoal | News | Former Pyramids player opens fire: Aruabarina told me that whether or not to continue is in the hands of the management “even if I am good”


Mohamed Atwa, the defender of the current Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, attacked his former club Pyramids, stressing that “there are things that happen in the club that everyone knows about, and it is impossible to talk about them.”

“I did not like to talk about my period at Pyramids, but after Mahdi Suleiman spoke about what happened to him, I decided to speak,” Atwa said on the match program on the Sada al-Balad channel.

He explained, “When I was in Saudi Arabia, one of the Pyramids official told me that Sebastian Desper, the coach at the time, asked for me to be included. The same official was a players’ agent, and he was leading negotiations with me for Al-Ahly.”

He revealed, “On my first day in training, I was surprised that Desabre was asking me where do I play?”

And he stressed, “With my participation in the training session, I asked to reduce the load on me because the season was over in Saudi Arabia for some time, but they ignored my request even though the same thing happened with the new Ugandan player (Abdo Lumala).”

And he added, “I played a good friendly match and Desaber told me that I would be essential, but in the official matches I was surprised that I was not in the formation, and when I spoke to him, he told me that he had requested the inclusion of a new defender and was considering involving me in the defending midfield.”

And he stressed, “I spoke with one of the Pyramids official, and he told me (if you can borrow), I thought that I would stay and the coach could leave at any time.”

He explained, “I was injured by the medical device, because he asked me to train on an injury that I complained about.”

“I was faced with a strange ignorance. I started qualifying outside the club with permission from Pyramids. After I finished qualifying, one of the officials came in the position of the club’s technical advisor and worked temporarily as a technical director, and I found that he was requesting videos to know my level.”

Abdel Aziz Abdel Shafi “Zizou” assumed that position during that period.

He stressed, “The official who brought me to Pyramids called me to know the developments of my injury when a Saudi offer arrived to Abdullah Bakri. I was injured for a long time and no one was talking to me at all. The technical staff used to say that I was excluded for technical reasons.”

He revealed, “They ignored me during my injury, while another player traveled for treatment in the Emirates after suffering a posterior muscle injury.”

And he added, “I knew from one of the agents that I was at the top of the list of departures. I spoke with them at the club and told them that it is a shame that I know from outside the club that I will leave, and no one from the club has officially informed me. Here they informed me that I will train alone with a rehabilitation specialist even though I was ready.” .

And he stressed, “One of the non-technical officials told me,” Be careful, we let you train. We will not prepare you so that you can go to another club. ”

He continued, “(early this season) when I learned that I would leave, I told the coach, Rodolfo Aruabarina, (would you be convinced of me in the training session? You would ask for my presence?). He replied that whether or not I would remain in the hands of the management even if I was good.

Atwa moved to Al Ittihad of Alexandria from Pyramids early this season, and played two matches with the team in the league.


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