FilGoal | News | Hamdi Noah to AS: Salah will add to Real Madrid or Barcelona if he joins one of them


Hamdi Noah, a former coach of the Arab Contractors, and Mohamed Salah discovered that the Liverpool star was always working to develop himself when he was growing up in the ranks of the Mountain Wolves.

Salah is preparing to face Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Hamdi Noah was a guest at the Spanish newspaper “AS” to talk about Salah before the match.

Hamdi Noah said in his interview with the newspaper “AS”: “I trained Salah when he was 14 years old, and he was strong on the physical and mental level, and these capabilities are what helped him to be a quick player with the ball and without it. Off the field he was very polite.”

He added, “He always focuses on positive things, and works to strengthen his weaknesses daily. He lived in a place far from the training headquarters, and he was making a great effort to come to training.”

Noah revealed something that the editor of “AS” newspaper described as “funny”, and said: “Salah was the left back for a team because he was the fastest player. He used to launch and score a lot, and he was cooperating with his colleagues, especially Muhammad Adel Abu Hatab.”

And about Noah Salah from left back to right wing.

He continued, “an understanding binary form, and he used to help Salah to score to be the team’s top scorer and score 25-30 goals in the season, and he also played with Mohamed Al-Nani.”

When asked about the possibility of Salah leaving Liverpool, he said: “Yes. He may leave Liverpool if he receives a good offer, but this is from my point of view. He is the only player of his kind.”

And which team would be suitable for Salah? Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​he said: “I cannot guess. I enjoy watching Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but my heart will remain with Salah wherever he goes.”

“I would be very happy if he moved to Spain. I love Spanish football, which is my favorite.”

And about the extent to which Salah would adapt to Eden Hazard if he moved to Real Madrid, he explained, “Hazard is one of the best players in the world with Lionel Messi, and Salah will add to Real Madrid or Barcelona if he moves to them, because he will play with players who have the ability to create opportunities to score.”

And about whether Salah remembers Sergio Ramoss intervention in the Kiev final, he said: “Salah will not forget what happened with Ramos. He cried because he was sad and angry, because it was an important match for him after a great season.”

Ramos dislocated Salah’s shoulder in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final, which Liverpool lost 3-1.

“I wanted to follow the match (after Salah was injured), but I couldn’t. Salah is a model player who inspires people and commands the respect of everyone,” he said.

And about his opinion on the confrontation and who is the candidate to win, he said: “I encourage the two teams, but in this case, I hope that Salah wins and scores during the match.”

He concluded, “The Egyptian people celebrate their goals and pray for them. They represent the state and have become an icon, and everyone supports them in every match they play.”


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