FilGoal | News | Handball – Zamalek (28) – (28) Al-Ahly .. The match ended in a draw

3 offers you live coverage of the match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, within the 14th and final round of the Handball Professional League.

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The end of the match is a tie and a playoff match.

S. 59 time-out for Zamalek and one remaining minutes

S. 57 Omar Bakkar scores for Zamalek. 28-28

S. 56 Mohsen Ramadan records for Al-Ahly. 27-28 for my family.

Mohamed Alaa Luka scores a tie. 27-27

S. 55 Hussain Faisal scores for Al-Ahly 27-26 for my family.

S. 53 suspension of two minutes for Al-Ahly player.

S. 53 Ahmed Al-Ahmar scores a tie for Zamalek from a penalty throw. 26-26

S. 51 Omar Bakkar scores brilliantly. 25-26 for my family.

S. 50 Al-Ahly is ahead of two goals for the first time. 24-26 for my family.

S. 48 Abd al-Rahman Taha confronts the loneliness of Ahmad Mu’min Safa.

S. 48 Al-Ahly is recorded by Mohsen Ramadan. 24-25 for my family.

S. 47 Abdel-Rahman Taha blocks Akram Yousry’s throw.

S. 47 suspension of two minutes for Ahmed Sisa, Al-Ahly player.

S. 45 Mustafa Khalil leaves the stadium injured.

S. 46 Ahmed Sisa tied for Al-Ahly. 24-24

S. 46 Islam Hassan scored from an apostate of Al-Ahly. 24-23 for Zamalek.

S. 45 Peppers Shine and tackle a penalty shootout.

Cut time at the request of Tariq Mahrous, Al-Ahly coach.

S. 43 Omar Bakkar scored from Murtada. 24-22 for Zamalek.

S. 43 Akram Yousry re-advances Zamalek. 23-22 for Zamalek.

S. 43 Khaled Walid scores for Zamalek. 22-22

S. 42 Omar Sami scores for Al-Ahly. 22-21 for my family.

S. 41 Akram Yousry tied quickly for Zamalek. 21-21

S. 41 Omar Sami scores for Al-Ahly. 20-21 for my family.

S. 40 Abd al-Rahman Taha shines and confronts one of Yahya al-Daraa alone.

S. 40 minutes suspended for Ahmed Sisa, the Al-Ahly player.

S. 39 Ahmed Al-Ahmar scores for Zamalek and Al-Ahly draw quickly. 20-20

S. 38 Yahya Al-Daraa tied for Zamalek. 19-19

S. 37 Omar Sami scores the first progress for Al-Ahly. 18-19 for my family.

S. 36 Akram Yousry scored for Zamalek and Osama Al Jaziri returned to Al Ahly. 18-18

S. 35 first tie in the meet. Omar Sami scores the penalty throw. 17-17

S. 34 A two-minute stop to Ahmed Al-Ahmar.

S. 34 Ahmed Sisa scored, narrowing the gap to one goal. 16-17 for Zamalek.

S. 33 Al-Ahly scores. 15-17 for Zamalek.

S. 32 Yahya Al-Daraa responds quickly to Zamalek. 14-17 for Zamalek.

S. 31 Omar Sami scores for Al-Ahly from a penalty throw. 16-14 for Zamalek.

beginning of the second half

The end of the first half

S. 29 Yahya Al-Daraa scores for Zamalek at the end of the match. 16-13 for Zamalek.

S. 29 Hussein Faisal scored for Al-Ahly from an apostate. 13-15 for Zamalek.

S. 27 Osama Al-Jaziri reduces the difference to Al-Ahly. 12-15 for Zamalek.

S. 23 Mohsen Ramadan records for Al-Ahly. 11-15 for Zamalek.

S. 22 Ahmed Adel signs for Al-Ahly. 10-15 for Zamalek.

S. 22 Mustafa Khalil scores for Zamalek. 9-15 for Zamalek.

S. 21 Osama Al-Jaziri registers for Al-Ahly. 9-14 for Zamalek.

S. 20 minutes suspended for Khaled Walid, the Zamalek player.

S. 19 Akram Yusri scores and the ball is cut, and Omar Bakkar also scores for Zamalek, increasing the difference to 6 goals. 8-14 for Zamalek.

S. 17 Mohsen Ramadan passes and Ahmed Adel scores for Al-Ahly. 8-12 for Zamalek.

S. 16 Yahya Al-Daraa is registered for Zamalek. Mohsen Ramadan responds quickly to my family. 7-11 for Zamalek.

S. 15 Abdel Rahman Taha shines and tackles Akram Yousry’s throw.

S. 14 goals for Al-Ahly and Omar Bakkar responds to Zamalek also quickly. 5-10

S. 13 Osama Al-Jaziri registers for Al-Ahly and Yahya Al-Daraa responds quickly to Zamalek. 9-4 for Zamalek.

S. 9 Omar Bakkar scores after a brilliant double with Akram Yosry on a quick rebound. 3-8 for Zamalek.

S. 9 Muhammad Ali shines and blocks a penalty shot by Ahmed Sisa, and the ball bounces back to Sisa and pays, so Muhammad Ali shines again.

A time-out at the request of Tariq Mahrous, Al-Ahly coach.

S. 8 Yahya Al-Daraa scores for Zamalek, expanding the difference to 4 goals. 7-3 for Zamalek.

S. 7 Akram Yousry scores for Zamalek. 3-6 for Zamalek.

S. 7 Khaled Walid scored for Zamalek from the circuit. 3-5 for Zamalek.

S. 6 Abdul Rahman Faisal responds quickly. 4-3 for Zamalek.

S. 6 Yahya Al-Daraa scores the fourth for Zamalek. 4-2 for Zamalek.

S. 6 Ahmed Sisa scores the second for Al-Ahly. 2-3 for Zamalek.

S. 5 Mustafa Khalil and Omar Bakkar scored for Zamalek respectively. 1-3 for Zamalek.

S. 4 Ahmed Adel misses a penalty throw.

S. 3 Ahmed Adel scores a tie for Al-Ahly.

S. 2 Muhammad Ali confronts Islam Hassan’s correction.

S. 1 Mustafa Khalil scores the first for Zamalek.

The start of the game


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