FilGoal | News | Hazem Imam: Why do we get the Football Association into trouble? There is no justification for the Egyptian rulers for the summit now


Hazem, the former Imam of Zamalek’s star, believes that the insistence on Egyptian rulers managing the upcoming Zamalek and Al-Ahly summit is an export of problems without justification.

Hazem Imam said in statements to Radio On Sport: “Why is the Football Association involved in a problem? By rulers from the Emirates, there are 6 flights a day between the two countries, or a ruling from North Africa. ”

A member of the House of Representatives continued, “The two parties cannot bear the loss. If an Egyptian judge makes a mistake, he will be said to belong to this team, and we will open the door to talking about corruption, but if a foreign referee made a mistake, he will be told that he is wrong or have no idea. Why do we make things difficult for ourselves and get into trouble?”

A former Football Association member added, “It is possible to overcome the errors of the Egyptian referees in the rest of the matches, but Al-Ahly and Zamalek remain a sensitive confrontation, and this is the decision of the Prime Minister for years. We want to preserve the atmosphere of stability and calm that prevails in the current period.”

He concluded, “The use of a foreign referee does not diminish us, as evidence that Jamal Al-Ghandour and Issam Abdel Fattah participated in the World Cup before.

Zamalek will play Al-Ahly on April 18, in a postponed match from the fourth round of the Egyptian League. had revealed earlier, that Mahmoud Al-Banna is the closest to managing the summit. (See the details)


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