FilGoal | News | Head of Al-Ahly’s Medical Committee in Joule: Hani’s absence is longer than Ajay’s … and Yasser’s position is on the summit


Mohamed Shawky, head of the Al-Ahly medical committee, revealed Yasser Ibrahim’s position on catching up to the summit in front of Zamalek.

He also talked about the position of the duo, Muhammad Hani and Junior Ajay, to

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Zamalek on the eighteenth of April, after playing the Al-Nasr match in the Egypt Cup tomorrow, Wednesday.

Shawqi said to “There are attempts to treat Yasser Ibrahim in order to catch him at the summit, but the situation may take a longer time.”

Yasser suffered a strain in the connective muscle in training before meeting Simba, according to a previous statement from Sami Shirts, Al-Ahly coach.

Shawky added, “The treatment period for Ajay is less than a month, but the one who needs more time is Muhammad Hani.”

And Ajay suffered an injury facing Simba in the Champions League, and a medical examination confirmed that he had a heavy heel in the back muscle.

While Hani was subjected to a stretch in the connective muscle.

Shawqi had been revealed to Positive smear of Muhammad Al-Shennawi. (See the details)


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