FilGoal | News | Head of the Medical Committee in Al-Ahly for in the Joule: The Shinawi smear is positive … and the last test of the day is to confirm


Mohamed Shawky, head of the Al-Ahly medical committee, announced that Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper, had tested positive for another test, today, to

Hazem Al-Hadidi revealed to, Al-Shennawi’s agent, that the guard had undergone a swab during the past hours. (See the details)

Shawky said to “The positive test of Muhammad Al-Shennawi, which he underwent yesterday, and that he was infected with the Corona virus.”

“He will undergo a new smear today to increase the confirmation, because the medical tests, although they are positive, are the closest thing to becoming negative, and there is great hope for improvement,” he added.

And he concluded, “Al-Shenawi is isolated and will not participate in the matches until we make sure of his safety and for the sake of his colleagues and players of other teams, even if he is absent from the summit because it is a medical and humanitarian trust.”

Al-Shennawi did not train today, Monday, with the team, due to the appearance of symptoms of Corona on him in the past hours, knows.

The 32-year-old played 20 games with Al-Ahly this season, and only conceded 10 goals and came out with a clean sheet in 13 of them.

Al-Ahly faces victory in the Egypt Cup two days later, before facing Zamalek on April 18 in a postponed match from the fourth round of the Egyptian League.


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