FilGoal | News | His agent in the Joule: Ramadan Sobhi Said with Pyramids .. but he wants to end his football career at Al-Ahly


Ali Saqr, Ramadan Subhi’s agent, the Pyramids wing, confirmed that the player is happy and satisfied with his club, but wants to end his football career at Al-Ahly.

Saqr said via “Apart from the recent negative results in Pyramids, Ramadan sees that there is a state of stability, and that his performance is good with the team.”

Vivid “There are parts of Ramadan’s speech during the episode of Ramez, whose mind is blown out It was truncated and everything he said did not appear. First and foremost, it is certain that Ramadan grew up inside Al-Ahly and lived for many years wearing his shirt, and became famous through Al-Ahly, and therefore he wants his career to end as it began and he is a player for Al-Ahly, as he considers himself one of the sons of the entity.

And he added, “There are words that deserve appreciation and respect, even if it is criticism as long as it contains objectivity, but there are things that we do not pay attention to and we do not bother to respond to by virtue of their insignificance and lack of logic and objectivity.”

He concluded, “Ramadan is going well and within the strength of the Egyptian national team and the captain of the Olympic team, and this is a sign of success for us.”

Ramadan Sobhi moved to Pyramids from Huddersfield, England, after he refused to move to Al-Ahly, where he spent a year and a half on loan from the English club.

Ramadan Sobhi scored 6 goals in 14 matches with Pyramids in the league this season, and 2 goals in 8 matches in the Confederation.

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