FilGoal | News | Hussein Abdel-Latif in Joule: Recklessness caused Zamalek’s loss … and Al-Ahly was technically poor, but


Hussein Abdel-Latif, a former Zamalek player, explained that the team lost the summit due to recklessness in front of Al-Ahly.

Zamalek lost to Al-Ahly the first day, Sunday, in Cairo Stadium, with two goals for a goal in a postponed match between them in the fourth round of the league.

Hussein Abdul Latif said to “The will of Al-Ahly players was stronger than Zamalek in the first half, and they took advantage of that. I think that the Zamalek players did not enter the atmosphere because of the coach’s plans, and it is not a good thing for the manager to wait for the goals to be received in order to think.”

He added, “Al-Ahly imposed his control and knew how to score two clear mistakes in not being watched by Mohamed Sharif.”

He continued, “Zamalek possessed the second half but could not take advantage of the opportunities, including a penalty kick. Football does not like recklessness. The negligence of Zamalek players gave Al-Ahly the victory.”

In response, Did Carteron make a mistake by paying Shekabala from the start of the meeting, He said: “The formation was good. Shikabala played his roles well, except for defensive matters, and Al-Ahly took advantage of that by increasing Ayman Ashraf, but Shikabala performed well and scored a goal.”

And he continued, “The defensive mistakes were represented in the absence of good oversight, Obamas recklessness in returning the ball, the problem in the players’ recklessness and overconfidence, as he entered two goals, which I will score, and this is a mistake. Al-Ahly was technically poor, but the players were tactically and organizationally disciplined and played the reluctant easy.”

And he continued, “The reason for Obamas performance is due to the coach, who needs to be corrected by the player, after the mistake in the second goal, he had to come out.”

He explained the mistakes of the French coach “The exit of Ahmed Fattouh and the descent of Abdullah Jumah was wrong. Obama had to leave for Abdullah to play against Fattouh and turn in Sharqi to a second striker.”

He continued, “Hamid Haddad’s participation is a question mark, and I do not see him any return since his joining. Carteron read the match wrongly and there was no tactical discipline in the defensive roles.”

He concluded, “Another mistake was not to start with Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri, because he is a dangerous player, and this was demonstrated with his participation.”


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