FilGoal | News | Ihab Jalal: The opportunity is available to all Ismaili players, but


Ismaili coach Ihab Jalal confirmed that all his players have the opportunity to participate with the team, but he set a condition for participation.

“The opportunity is available to everyone, provided that you focus and present everything you have during the training,” Ihab Jalal told the players during the daily training session in Al-Sabahi.

“The team needs the energy of all the players in order to continue achieving victories and away from dangerous areas,” he stressed.

Ihab Jalal had decided to train the Ismaili for two periods a day to raise the physical condition of the players and memorize them, the game plans and the tasks required of them.

The training included various exercises that began with physical loads and concluded with technical and written sentences.

Fakhr al-Din bin Yusuf and Marwan al-Sahrawi underwent rehabilitative training.

The young trio: Kamal Al-Sayed, Abdel Samie and Omar Heneidy settled around the stadium after participating with the youth team against Zamalek, on Friday.

At the end of the session, a split was made for the whole group, where it was stopped several times in order to fix errors.

Ismaily defeated Al-Masry in the second match of Ihab Galal with the team.

Ismaily occupies seventeenth place and is penultimate with 14 points from 18 matches.


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