FilGoal | News | Imam Ashour: What happened to me was my eagerness to help Zamalek … and I accept the decision of the technical staff


Imam Ashour scores and celebrates the second goal of Zamalek in Ceramica Cleopatra

Zamalek player Imam Ashour commented on the decision to suspend him indefinitely, and justified his emotion on the sidelines of the Mouloudia match, which caused his punishment.

Ashour published a “story” through his Instagram account, in which it said:

“I would like to make it clear that what happened to me after the meeting between Zamalek and Mouloudia is nothing but an eagerness to participate and help my team from the stadium. I have all respect and appreciation for the technical staff, my colleagues and the great Zamalek fans, and I accept any decision made by the technical staff, and always at the command of the club.” Zamalek at any time. “

Zamalek had announced the decision of Technical Director Patrice Carteron to suspend Imam Ashour for an indefinite period and fined him financially and put him down to train with the youth team. revealed that Ashour refused to perform the warm-up operations In the second half against MCA, the first reason was Carteron’s procedure.

As for the second reason, after the match and in the dressing room after the match, Ashour spoke in a way that Carteron considered inappropriate with the coaching staff, which prompted him to take the penalty for him.

Imam Ashour, 23, did not participate during the match.

Imam scored 4 goals and made 3 in 16 appearances with Zamalek this season.

The match witnessed Zamalek’s victory over Mouloudia with two clean goals, renewing the hope of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.


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