FilGoal | News | “Legitimate right” .. Ceramica Cleopatra reveals its position on the purchase of Ahmed Yasser Rayan


Ceramica Cleoparta players celebrate Ahmed Yasser Rayan’s goal in Al-Masry

Ceramica Cleopatra Club clarified its position on the final purchase of Ahmed Yasser Rayan loaned from Al-Ahly.

Moataz Al-Battawi, general supervisor of football at Ceramica Cleopatra, said: “Until the moment, we have not officially opened the matter.”

He continued via Ontime Sports 1: “But negotiating to join it will really be a project for us, of course. We hope to buy it definitively.”

He stressed: “We did not approach the player or his agent about this matter and focus fully on the upcoming matches. We have a valid contract with Al-Ahly to loan the player for a year already.”

Al-Battawi turned to talk about the victory of his valuable team over Ismaily, with two goals to one goal, last Saturday.

“This victory is the most important for Ceramica Cleopatra in the first round,” Battawi said.

He explained: “We had successive failures and did not win for 3 matches, and the Ismaili, in turn, changed his technical apparatus and was looking for recovery, and for this it was a match with difficult conditions and established in Ismailia, and we were able to win it.”

Ahmed Yasser Rayan, 23, has scored 8 goals with Ceramica Cleopatra this season in 17 matches he has played.

And Ahmed Yasser was able to join the ranks of the Egyptian national team in the last international stop and participated as a substitute against the Comoros Islands.

And Ceramica Cleopatra occupies eighth place in the Egyptian League with 24 points in its first season in the Premier League.


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