FilGoal | News | Mohamed Moselhy: Al-Ahly’s opening of a branch in Alexandria is unacceptable .. Will it establish a headquarters in Port Said or Ismailia?


Mohamed Moselhy, President of the Alexandria Federation, revealed that his club rejected the idea of ​​Al-Ahly opening a branch in Alexandria.

“The relationship between Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly has been going on for more than 100 years, but after Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, visited Al-Ittihad headquarters, we found someone saying that Al-Ahly will open a branch in Alexandria, and this matter angered the fans of Al-Ittihad,” Mohamed Moselhy told Ontime Sports.

He added, “Will Al-Ahly open a branch in Port Said or Ismailia? Al-Ittihad is no less than these popular groups. Al-Ittihad is the leader of the gap, and we will not allow anything else.”

Regarding the harm to the union from this idea, he said: “If Al-Ahly opens a branch in Alexandria, everyone will go to participate in it and play in its own academy.”

And he continued, “I was happy that Adli Al-Qaei and Ibrahim Al-Mounisi denied this idea via Al-Ahly channel.”

“The hadith of Al-Qai’i and Al-Munisi confirmed that Al-Ahly will not open any branches of it in Alexandria.”

He stressed, “My relationship with Mahmoud Al-Khatib is more than excellent.”

Meselhi touched on the presence of the football team in second place in the league, and said: “We have not reached this position for a while, even with Al-Ahly matches remaining.”

“We are doing well despite losing several matches in Alexandria,” he added.

And he added, “I thank Hossam Hassan and Ibrahim Hassan for what they are doing for the sake of the Union. The current season is one of the strongest seasons of Egyptian football, and the administration supports the technical staff that offers everything it has.”

He revealed, “I sat with Hossam Hassan and Ibrahim Hassan to talk about the excluded players, and now Sabri Rahil, Muhammad Atwa and Mahmoud Rizk are with the team, but the position of Khaled Qamar and Imad Al-Sayed has not yet been determined.”

He explained, “Al-Ahly did not negotiate with me for Ammar Hamdi and Razzaq Cisse.”

And he continued, “Cisse has the right to return to Zamalek after the end of this season, and I do not know if his contract is documented with Zamalek or not.”

Ammar Hamdi completed his contract with Al-Ittihad for two seasons, and he may return to Al-Ahly after this season.

Ammar Hamdi and Razzaq Cisse play on loan from Al-Ahly and Zamalek, respectively.

He concluded, “I hope that Al-Ittihad will qualify for the African Championship and the Arab Championship next season.”

Al-Ittihad ranks second in the league with 28 points from 17 games, while Al-Ahly is in third place with 27 points from 11 games, while Zamalek tops the league with 33 points from 14 games.


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