FilGoal | News | Mohamed Youssef: Marwan Mohsen’s participation against Zamalek was strange … and that is why Al-Ahly is not affected by absences


Mohamed Youssef, the former coach of Al-Ahly, believes that the participation of Marwan Mohsen instead of Walter Bwalia was something strange for him, explaining why the red team was not affected by the absences.

Al-Ahly beat Zamalek with two goals to one in a postponed match from Round 4 of the Egyptian League.

“The meeting was fun, and Ali Lotfi presented a historic match,” Mohamed Youssef told Youth and Sports Radio after the match.

He continued, “The meeting will make Mohamed Sharif go to another place because the masses will trust him more.”

He continued, “Zamalek tried to return in the second half, and missed a penalty.”

And he added, “Ali Lotfi has a very big role in the outcome of the match.”

He continued, “Imagine if Lutfi was not successful? Many demanded that Al-Ahly sign a goalkeeper, as he is a distinguished goalkeeper, and he must be involved at a greater rate and equipped in anticipation of any urgent circumstances, especially that we are living in an exceptional period, as a result of an analysis that may exclude any player from the accounts.”

“Al-Ahly continued in the second half not threatening Zamalek’s goal, but the match went against expectations, and this is football fun.”

And he continued, “Zamalek fans were optimistic and Al-Ahly fans were afraid because of the large number of absences.”

And he continued, “Unlike the spirit, Al-Ahly is characterized by collective performance, so it is not affected by the absence of two or three players, because the general form of the team is fixed.”

He stressed, “Musimani’s positive substitutions preserved the team’s shape and result, and he played a very special match despite his suffering from the numerical shortage of 7 players against Zamalek with his full strength.”

“What is strange for me is the participation of Marwan Mohsen, although Betso Musimane was very convinced of Walter Bwalya. Not considering Bwalya among the substitutions is a point that I consider questionable, especially after he was the first striker for a while,” he said.

“Bwalya is one of the best strikers, and his involvement for a period of time or luck does not mean that he is a not good striker, but it is possible that the timing of his participation is wrong.”

And he followed, “Al-Ahly is waiting for a pressurized schedule. The injured must be prepared.”

Regarding the man of the match, he said: “I will choose Ali Lotfi and Mohamed Sharif.”

Regarding the performance of the Zamalek goalkeeper Jensh, he said: “I have some observations on the team in positioning, because with every movement and pass in the field, the goalkeeper must move in a certain way.”

“The first goal does not go into a goalkeeper like Jensh, while the second goal could have been blocked, but because the ball is strong and fast.”

He completed the goal of Shikabala, and said: “The goal has no solution, he scored a goal or the most wonderful in the African final. Its advantage is that it does not give the goalkeeper a chance, as he pays just by changing the direction of his body, and a million percent, he repeats this game a lot in training until he can pay it with this perfection.”


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