FilGoal | News | Mubasher handball – Zamalek (8) – (3) Al-Ahly … a white lead

3 offers you live coverage of the match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, within the 14th and final round of the Handball Professional League.

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S. Omar Bakkar scores after a great double with Akram Yosry on a quick rebound. 3-8 for Zamalek.

S. 9 Muhammad Ali shines and blocks a penalty shot by Ahmed Sisa, and the ball bounces back to Sisa and pays, so Muhammad Ali shines again.

A time-out at the request of Tariq Mahrous, Al-Ahly coach.

S. 8 Yahya Al-Daraa scores for Zamalek, expanding the difference to 4 goals. 7-3 for Zamalek.

S. 7 Akram Yousry scores for Zamalek. 3-6 for Zamalek.

S. 7 Khaled Walid scored for Zamalek from the circuit. 3-5 for Zamalek.

S. 6 Abdul Rahman Faisal responds quickly. 4-3 for Zamalek.

S. 6 Yahya Al-Daraa scores the fourth for Zamalek. 4-2 for Zamalek.

S. 6 Ahmed Sisa scores the second for Al-Ahly. 2-3 for Zamalek.

S. 5 Mustafa Khalil and Omar Bakkar scored for Zamalek respectively. 1-3 for Zamalek.

S. 4 Ahmed Adel misses a penalty throw.

S. 3 Ahmed Adel scores a tie for Al-Ahly.

S. 2 Muhammad Ali confronts Islam Hassan’s correction.

S. 1 Mustafa Khalil scores the first for Zamalek.

The start of the game


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