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2 offers you live coverage of the Esperance match and Mouloudia Algeria, in the matches of the last round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

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BC 68 equalizer for Mouloudia by Abdel Nour Belkheir

B. 66 The exit of Taha Yassin al-Khunisi, the entry of Raed al-Fada No. 32, the exit of al-Badri and the entry of Meziane

BC64, a powerful shot from Mouloudia player Belkheir, but passes over the crossbar

64. Walid Allati entered No. 20 in Mouloudia, and Abd al-Rahman Burdim entered No. 8 as well

60 BC, a strange missed new opportunity from Mouloudia by Shams El Din Harrag, this time who eluded Ben Sharifia and brought the ball back.

BC 58 Adadi wastes a certain goal and Ben Sharifia shines again

BC 54 goal canceled for offside Mouloudia

BC 51 Algerian pressure

48 BC is a vertical head from Tawfiq Adadi, and al-Muizz ibn Sharifiya distanced it to a corner

beginning of the second half

The end of the first half

Q. + 46 Sami Friwi wastes a confirmed goal with a header in front of the goal, which passed by the post strangely

S. 45 dangerous opportunity for Esperance! Al-Khunaisi starts off in an empty space and shoots hard, but the Mouloudia goalkeeper confronts and defends the danger

BC 37, a first change of Mouloudia, Marwani leaving the injury and the entry of Tawfiq Adadi

BC 34 A dangerous cross for Mouloudia, but passes in front of the attackers

BC 31, Gooooooooooooool Nassim Bin Khalifa scored the first for Esperance with a ball that hit Mouloudias defender

BC 30. Mohamed Marwani, the Mouloudia player, was injured and left on a stretcher

BC 29 A cross from Anis Al-Badri inside the penalty area, but Mouloudias defense pushes her away effortlessly

BC 26 A longitudinal ball towards Hamdou Al-Huni, who touched it with his head, collides with the defense and reaches easy to the Mouloudia keeper

S, 20 great calm dominates the match

Q. 7 full control of the Tunisian team

Q. 1 vertical from Al-Khunaisi after 44 seconds, passing directly next to the post

The start of the match

The game starts shortly

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