FilGoal | News | Mundo Deportivo reveals Messi’s condition to agree to start negotiations to renew his contract with Barcelona


Lionel Messi – Barcelona – Seville – La Liga

Barcelona star Lionel Messi gives priority to his team to renew the contract before listening to other offers made to him, according to the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”.

The newspaper stated in a report that Messi is expected to hear the plans of Joan Laporta, the club president, to develop the football team in Barcelona, ​​inside and outside the stadium, before listening to the offer made to him to renew his contract.

Messi’s contract expires at the end of the current season with Barcelona and no agreement has been reached to renew his contract yet.

The report indicated that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain still have the desire to sign Messi, but the Argentine star prefers to listen to Barcelonas plans first.

The renewal of Messi is the priority of the new Laporta administration, after his success in the club’s presidential elections, which was held last March.

The British newspaper “The Times” had published a report indicating that the Manchester City management wanted to sign Messi for a period of 10 years, provided that the contract would be extended even after his retirement from football as well. (See the details)

Messi, 33, has played 37 games this season, scored 29 goals and scored 13 goals for Barcelona in all competitions.


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