FilGoal | News | Musimani: If we were to take advantage of the chances against Mars, the result would have changed … and no one wishes to face Al-Ahly


Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani believes that the draw with Sudan’s Al-Merrikh is a fair result for both teams.

Al-Ahly qualified for the 8th round in the African Champions League after a two-goal draw with Sudan’s Al-Merrikh for each team in the fifth round of the group stage. (See details)

Musimani said after the match to the official Al-Ahly website: “Al-Ahly played a strong match against Mars, and the confrontation was open from the two teams, as I expected, and it witnessed many missed opportunities that if our players had better use them, the outcome of the match would have changed completely.”

“The tie for Al-Ahly and Al-Merreikh is completely fair, according to the events of the match,” he added.

He pointed out, “Al-Ahly has already suffered from some mistakes and some players appeared unsuccessfully, which affected the team in general, and for this I performed more than one substitution in the second half.”

And he continued, “I knew that the match was not resolved in the first half, and I trust the players’ ability to return.”

He explained, “The performance Al-Ahly presented today occurs in football in general, and despite the loss to Simba, we were able to defeat the Vita Club and we achieved the goal, which was to qualify.”

“No one can predict the champion based on performance,” he added.

“No team who qualified at the top of the groups wishes to face Al-Ahly,” he stressed.

He concluded his remarks, “Al-Ahly is a big team and has 9 African championships, and today it qualified for the 8th round, despite a tie, to continue its career in the journey to preserve the Champions League title.”


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