FilGoal | News | Nagy: The guards are not angels, and my honor is a “first sort” … and I fear that we will regret not joining the Olympic


Sherif Ikrami with Pyramids in front of Ceramica Cleopatra

Ahmed Nagy, the coach of Smouha goalkeepers, and the former goalkeeper coach of the Egyptian and Al-Ahly national team, defended Sherif Ikrami, after the goal that scored a direct mistake from Moroccos Raja, who beat Pyramids 2-0 in the Confederation.

“I always say that goalkeepers are not angels with wings,” Nagy said on Radio OnSport. “Sherif made a mistake in assessing the ball, it is possible, and the most powerful goalkeepers in the world like David de Gea, Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Casper Schmeichel were exposed to him.”

And Sherif Ikrami, goalkeeper of the first count, because his mistakes are repeated at infrequent intervals, while those who make mistakes frequently in a few periods of time will be a goalkeeper for a second and third screening.

On the crisis of Mahdi Suleiman in the same club: “Sherif is a great guard and has extensive experience and expertise, so he will not be affected by the surrounding circumstances. I also do not agree with what Mahdi Suleiman did, because he is supposed to convey his desire to club officials in closed rooms. professional”.

Regarding his goalkeeper in Smouha Al Hani Suleiman, he said: “He is a distinguished goalkeeper with many experiences and also has a strong personality that qualifies him to join the national team. This is my opinion, but it does not detract from the options of the technical staff of the national team that chooses the most appropriate elements.”

And he added, “This is what I was suffering when I was a coach in the national team. Every coach wants to motivate his goalkeeper, and I accept and understand that, which is what I conveyed to the current coach, Ayman Taher.”

Nagy concluded by talking about the goalkeepers of the Olympic team at the Tokyo Olympics 2020: “In the Olympics, I prefer Mohamed El-Shenawi to join if we want to achieve a medal because he will give weight to the team with other stars such as Salah, Hijazi and Tariq Hamed.”

He concluded, “I respect all the goalkeepers of the Olympic team, but I am afraid that we will regret the step of not summoning Al-Shenawi, because the event may surpass the experiences of the young guards, while Al-Shenawi will be very suitable to achieve the goal as he is a great goalkeeper and participated in the World Cup.”


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