FilGoal | News | Night of Champions Conference – Zidane: We came to Anfield to win … I don’t know if Klopp is a good fit for Real Madrid


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said that his team came to Anfield, the stronghold of Liverpool, to win again to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals.

Real Madrid will visit Liverpool tomorrow, Wednesday, to meet them in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, after winning Spain by three goals.

Zidane said at the press conference held today, Tuesday, “We know the value of the match that we will play. We will try to defend and attack well as a team.”

“Certainly it will be a difficult game, but we will continue what we do and we want to play well.”

On thinking about winning the championship, he said: “We do not think about winning the championship, whether the Spanish League or the Champions League. We think only about every match we play and what we have in mind is only facing Liverpool.”

The French coach stressed, “We came to Anfield to win and we are not thinking about fatigue. We did not talk about that in the first leg, and we did not talk after the El Clasico. We have to get used to these things.”

And he added, “Our mental and physical side is wonderful, and we want to present a great match. We want to win to qualify for the next round.”

Zidane added, “I know the schedule of matches is crowded and complicated, but this is a rare season and we will not be able to change that, so we just have to recover well and continue fighting even with injuries.”

When asked about the possibility of coach Juergen Klopp, coach of Liverpool for Real Madrid, and whether the German coach sees fit for his club, Zidane said: “I do not know if he will be suitable for Real Madrid, but he is now a coach for Liverpool and I am a coach for Real Madrid.”

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