FilGoal | News | Omrani Conference: We did not take advantage of the opportunities that were available to us … and were affected by the absences in front of Zamalek


Abdel-Qader El-Amrani and Abdel-Rahman Hachoud – MC Algiers

Abdelkader Amrani, the coach of MCA, believes that his team is influenced by absences against Zamalek, and by not taking advantage of opportunities.

“We had many opportunities, but we did not take advantage of them,” Omrani said in the press conference after the meeting.

The Mouloudia coach added, “They attacked us from the start, and this made there are spaces for Zamalek players to score in the first half.”

“We suffered many absences due to injuries, in addition to Abdelhak Abdel Hafeez’s injury early during the match. The early goal had already confused our calculations,” he added.

Zamalek had defeated MCA with two goals to none, in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League.

The victory raised Zamalek’s balance to a fifth point in third place in the group, while Mouloudia Algerias balance stuck at 8 points in second place.

Zamalek will meet Tounjeth on April 10 in the final round, while Mouloudia Algeria will be a guest at Esperance in Tunisia.

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