FilGoal | News | On his 24th birthday … How did Abdelhak Nuri’s health condition become?


Today Abdelhak Nuri completes 24 years of life and nearly 4 years of sympathy from the world.

The Moroccan star suffered a heart attack in July 2017 during a match with Ajax Amsterdam, which caused severe brain damage and put him in a long coma.

Khaled Qassem, the lawyer for the player’s family, spoke on the Dutch RTL4 station, explaining a new case of Abdel-Haq.

“The Abdul Haq family does not celebrate their birthdays very often,” Qassem said. “They rarely do.”

He added, “But I was with them yesterday while they were thinking of Abdel-Haq’s birthday because of the many congratulations, letters and letters.”

He continued, “This is wonderful, and it means that people remember Abdul-Haq and sympathize with him.”

He continued, “His condition has not changed, in fact, he is somewhat stable.”

He explained, “We have great hope that his condition can improve in the future, but we also have a realistic feeling that his condition may continue in the same way for a long time.”

He concluded, “Abdel-Haq is aware, communicates with us and watches football with us.”

Several months ago, Abdel Haq’s brother had made it clear that the former Ajax player had limited contact with the family, by moving an eyebrow or making simple facial expressions.

The Dutch player of Moroccan origin fell unconscious in a friendly match against Werder Bremen on July 8, 2017.

Later in August 2018, Abdelhak recovered from the coma, before returning home in March 2020 to be under the care of his family.


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