FilGoal | News | One goal suffices .. Al-Masry defeats the Vanguards of the Army and rises 4 places to the third


Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid scores and celebrates Al-Masry’s goal in the Arab Contractors

One goal was enough for Al-Masry to jump four places forward and go to third after defeating Tale’aa Al-Jaish.

The Egyptian club defeated Al-Jaysh, 1-0, at Burj Al Arab Stadium, in the 17th round of the Egyptian League.

Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid scored the match’s only goal from the penalty spot for Al Masry.

The victory raised Al-Masry’s balance to the 26th point, rising to the third place, while Al-Jaysh’s balance was frozen at the 14th point in the 15th place.


Ali Maher started with Austin Amotou in the attack, while Hassan Ali appeared as a left back in the absence of Ahmed Shedid Kenawy, injured.

Hajjaj Aweys began as a right-back, with Karim al-Iraqi on the bench.

Description of the match

The start of the match was fast, and a header from Amr Gamal turned Ahmed Masoud into a corner in the ninth minute.

Al-Masry’s response was in the 12th minute, after a cross from Mustafa Sultan, met by Austin Amuto with a header, and Mohamed Bassam tackled it to a corner.

Al-Masry threatened again in the 13th minute after a long time from Farid Shawky to Omar Kamal, who met her with a direct touch towards the goal, colliding with the top bar of Goalkeeper Mohamed Bassam.

Mohamed Bassam starred again in the 15th minute after a cross from Hassan Ali, which was met by Ezi Emeka with a header, and Mohamed Bassam made a wonderful response.

Austin Amotu got a yellow card in the 28th minute after an elbow hit Ali El-Elephant, the Talaa el-Jaysh player, to stop playing to treat the military team player.

Amr Gamal threatened Al-Masry with a header also in the 37th minute, but it passed by the post, to end the first half with a goalless draw.

Second half

Nasser Mansi took part instead of Ahmed Hani in the 56th minute, in the ranks of Talaa Al-Jaysh

And Ali Maher made the first substitutions in the 57th minute, by entering Mohamed Antar instead of Mustafa Sultan.

Al-Jaysh threatened Al-Masry’s goalkeeper in the 70th minute with a strong shot from Frank Stephen Njunga, but Ahmed Masoud tackled it twice with difficulty.

On the other hand, Al-Masry got a penalty kick in the 73rd minute after a foul by Amr El-Sisi against Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid.

Omar Kamal successfully scored the penalty kick, leaving Al-Masry ahead with the first goal.

The goal is to raise Omar Kamal’s balance to 8 goals this season in the top scorer of the competition, with Hossam Hassan, the Smouha striker.

Immediately here Abdel Hamid Bassiouni intervened, pushing Amr Mari in the 77th minute instead of Amr El-Sisi.

On the other hand, Ali Maher paid Karim al-Iraqi in the 80th minute, instead of Austin Amoto. Participation is the first for the right-back of the Olympic team since January 29, in the match against Al-Entag El Harby

Eze Emeka also almost made the second for Al Masry in the 81st minute, after a wonderful breakthrough and then a cross from the goal line, but she did not find a follow-up after Amoto, the outspoken striker, came out.

The last substitutions of the Army’s vanguards were the entry of Muhammad Shehata, Islam Mohareb to replace Frank Stephen Njunga, and Ahmed Samir in the 85th minute.

Talaia Al-Jaysh players called for a penalty kick in the 88th minute, as a result of a handball by Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid. Mohamed Al-Sabahi returned to the video technology and then decided not to count anything.

Two new substitutions from Ali Maher were made in the 89th minute, with the entry of Ahmed Jumaa and Saidou Semporeh instead of Hassan Ali and Ahmed Refaat.

Al-Jaysh vanguards were very pressured in the final minutes, and whoever fouled in the 94th minute almost equalized after a header from Ali Al-Fil in light of Mohamed Bassam’s progress from his own goal, but the ball passed by the post’s side, to end the match with Al-Masry winning with a goal.

The victory raised Al-Masry’s balance to the 26th point, rising to the third place, while Al-Jaysh’s balance was frozen at the 14th point in the 15th place.


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