FilGoal | News | Rabih Yassin and Al-Tabib suspended and fined 3 players as part of the Disciplinary Committee decisions regarding the youth team


The Disciplinary Committee headed by Sayed Bendari issued several decisions referring to the investigations conducted regarding the participation of the Egyptian youth team, born in 2001, in the African qualifying tournament for the African finals, which was held in Tunisia, as follows:

The decisions were as follows:

First: To suspend Rabie Yassin from practicing any activity related to football for a period of six months, and to fine the former coach an amount of two hundred thousand pounds.

Second: Stop Walid, the former national team doctor, from practicing any football-related activity for a period of three months, and a fine of one hundred thousand pounds.

Third: The player Abdel Rahman Ahmed, the player of Enppi club and the youth team, was born in 2001, was fined an amount of fifty thousand pounds.

Fourth: Fining the player Hossam Ashraf, a player for Zamalek club and the youth team, who was born in 2001, an amount of twenty thousand pounds.

Fifth: A fine of Arabi Badr, a player for Al-Ahly club, who was transferred to El Gouna and the youth team, born in 2001, an amount of twenty thousand pounds

The whole story

The swab that the Egypt youth team underwent three days before the match in Libya, showed 16 cases infected with Coronavirus, in addition to Rabie Yassin, the team’s coach..

In light of this event, the Egyptian national team was considered withdrawn against Libya in the first round of the North African U-20 Championship, which qualified for the 2021 African Youth Cup in Mauritania..

The Confederation of Confederation of African Football (CAF) for the combined tournaments for the 2020/2021 season says that the minimum limit for any team to play a match is 15 players, including a goalkeeper, and this is not available in the Egyptian national team..

Here, the youth team decided to summon players from Egypt to complete the number, and to play the rest of the tournament matches, hoping to qualify.

The two new players, Mustafa “Messi”, the player of Ceramica Cleopatra, and Ahmed Hossam, the player of El Gouna, arrived in Tunisia with a small delegation that also includes Mohamed Abu El-Ela, the doctor of the first Egyptian national team, and Mohamed Mahmoud, a physiotherapist, to supervise the treatment of the injured..

However, the happy news stopped here, after Walid Maher, the spokesman for the youth team, announced the emergence of the new result of the Tunisia match, which showed the positive sample of new players from the strength existing in Tunisia from the ground up, so that the situation returns as it was and the number ready to meet is only 14 players , What prevents the holding of the match.

On the morning of the Tunisia match, the Egyptian national team revealed that two players in the Egyptian team were negative, and thus the possibility of holding the match. But the problem is that the last swab was outside the official framework, and therefore the approval of the medical committee must be obtained to approve the swab result and hold the meeting..

After full consultations, the CAF decided to cancel the match and consider the Egyptian national team a 2-0 loss to Tunisia.

After the match, the Egyptian Football Association announced that it had submitted a formal request to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to repeat the match, before the federation decided the next morning to return the mission to Egypt.


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