FilGoal | News | Ras Gomaa raises Al-Masry to the league title by winning over El Gouna


The Egyptian club rose to the Egyptian League title after a decisive victory over El Gouna.

Al-Masry Club defeated El-Gouna 1-0 at Alexandria Stadium in the 19 round matches of the Egyptian League.

Ahmed Jumaa scored the match’s only goal in the 72nd minute of the match.

The victory raised Al-Masry’s balance to 29 points in second place temporarily, while El-Gounas balance stuck at 21 points in 11th place.


Ali Maher started with Austin Amoto, returning from suspension in the attack, while Karim al-Iraqi returned to the main formation as a right-back.

On the other hand, Omar Al-Saeed began to form the absent Reda Shehata due to his infection with Corona, and Islam Tariq guards the goal.

Description of the match

Al-Masry almost advanced early in the fourth minute after a goal that reached Karim al-Iraqi, and tried to shoot the ball over the goalkeeper, but Islam Tariq blocked it.

Another attempt in the 36th minute of a cross by Austin Amoto, Joseph Nguyem almost scored in his own goal by mistake, to end the first half with a goalless draw.

Second half

El Gouna almost scored the first in the 56th minute from Mahmoud Al-Shabrawi completely alone, but he hit the post shortly.

Mohamed Mohsen Abu Greisha, who led El-Gouna in the meeting, made his first substitutions in the 63rd minute by entering Karim El-Tayeb instead of Amr Abdel-Fattah “Amouri”.

On the other hand, Ali Maher made his substitutions in the 66th minute, with Ahmed Jumaa and Ahmed Shedid Kenawy entering instead of Austin Amotou and Saidou Semporeh.

And Ahmed Jumaa rewarded his coach in the 73rd minute with a first goal. Ahmed Refaat carried out a violation, and Juma headed in the goal, scoring the first.

El-Gouna tried to compensate, and Mohamed Abdel-Gawad and Idris Mobombo participated in the 81st minute, instead of Ahmed Amer and Mahmoud Al-Shabrawi.

On the other hand, Al-Masry secured his defenses by entering Hajjaj Aweys in the 84th minute, replacing Mohamed Abdel-Latif “Grindo”.

Ahmed Gomaa almost ended the match with a second goal in the 89th minute after a missile shot, which Islam Tariq brilliantly tackled to a corner, to end the meeting with Al-Masry winning 1-0.


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