FilGoal | News | Robertson: We will fight to achieve our goals. There is no point losing any points


Liverpool defender Andy Robertson believes that his team does not have the luxury of losing any points in the remaining matches in the English Premier League if they want to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Liverpool is sixth in the Premier League, 4 points behind Leicester City, who is third.

Robertson said in statements to his club’s website: “We have lacked continuity this season, and we need to achieve 6, 7 or 8 consecutive victories to collect a large number of points.”

“There is no better time than the present time to do that. This is the decisive stage of the season, and all matches will be exciting and difficult,” he added.

“If we achieve a good series of consecutive victories, our chances of finishing the season will increase as we wish. We are facing a strong challenge, but we will fight to achieve our goals.”

The Scottish captain continued, “We have 7 matches left in the league, and of course we have goals that we are striving to achieve. We will focus our entire focus on moving up the table to end the season well.”

Liverpool will visit Leeds United in the 32nd round of the Premier League on Monday.

“We have to deal with the remaining matches as final matches because we need every point at this crucial stage. There is no room to lose more points for the remainder of the season, and we have to be at our best in every match,” he added.

Robertson knows that his team is waiting for difficult matches, and the start will be against Leeds, the team that added a new flavor to the league this season, plays with a high spirit and has a group of distinguished players, according to his opinion.

And he added, “Everyone saw their victory against Manchester City in the last round, so we know that it will be a very difficult confrontation. We have to be well prepared.”

“If we perform similar to the performance we did last Wednesday against Real Madrid in the Champions League, with goals scored this time, then there will be a good chance of winning.”


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