FilGoal | News | Scolari: Messi’s coaching will go beyond the joy of all my titles … I’d like to end my career at Boca Juniors


Luis Felipe Scolari would be more than happy to coach Lionel Messi than he is with all the titles he has won.

He also chose the club he wanted to end his coaching career with.

The veteran Brazilian coach told Super Deportivo radio: “Being able to coach Messi will be the greatest happiness of my career and will surpass the joy of all my titles.”

“Messi’s coaching will make a big difference in my career,” added the 72-year-old coach.

Scolari wants to see Messi and Neymar together again in the same team, adding, “I would like to see them together, but not in Barcelona. I would like to see them together in Paris Saint-Germain.”

“They are making a duo that the other teams barely have. All I know is that if they played together again, there would be no match without PSG scoring goals.”

Scolari said he wanted to coach Boca Juniors of Argentina, “I would like Boca Juniors to be an opportunity to end a very successful career. It would be an ideal end to my career at Boca.”

Scolari, who had a long career in Brazilian stadiums, had previously led the Samba team to the 2002 World Cup title.

He also coached Portugal in Euro 2004 and Chelsea, and returned to captaining Brazil in the 2014 World Cup.

He also had the experience of training Kuwaiti Qadisiyah in the eighties of the last century and won the 1989 Emir of Kuwait Cup, and led the Kuwaiti national team to win the 1990 Gulf Cup.

Cruzeiro was in the Brazilian second division, the last experience of the coach nicknamed “Filipao”.


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