FilGoal | News | Shawky Gharib: El-Shennawi, Hijazi and Al-Nani are among the list of 14 players over the age. The draw is difficult, however


Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, revealed that there are 14 over-age players who are candidates to join the ranks of the Pharaohs in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The Olympiad will be held in next July, and the Egyptian national team fell into Group C next to Spain, Argentina and Australia.

Shawky Gharib spoke on “On Sport FM” radio, saying: “We have registered 14 over-age players in a list of 80 players, including Ahmed Hegazy and Trezeguet, who I regretted being injured a lot.”

And he continued, “Muhammad al-Nashawi and Muhammad al-Nani are also present, seeking to fill the centers that suffer from a vacuum.”

“We have five distinguished goalkeepers participating with their clubs, ready for any opportunity,” he added.

“But in order to take advantage of the three over-age players, the team must need them 100%, and now we have a player who is ranked among the three best players in the world, so he must be in the calculations,” he said.

He continued, “We sent a letter to Liverpool club, immediately after the draw, in which we explained all the details so that Salah would be with us.”

Shawky Gharib stressed, “Salah is a great star, and his presence is an addition to us and all the players want to join him. I confirm this without embarrassing the strength of my relationship with all the players.”

Regarding the draw, he said: “We expected to fall against a strong team. Yes, the draw is relatively difficult, but for everyone, not just Egypt, and we must be prepared for all possibilities.”

“We have a goal that we are looking forward to regardless of the opponent, and we have always signed against non-major teams and we did not achieve anything, and in the 2001 World Youth Cup we played against strong teams such as the Netherlands, America and Paraguay,” he stressed.

Regarding the preparations, he said: “There are 90 days left for the tournament and there are more than one offer for us to play friendly matches in the month of June.”

Shawky Gharib added, “We will go to the first camp from May 30 to June 15, and the second from July 5 until the tournament date. We will announce friendly matches next May, and we will play matches in a country close to Japan.”

On the fate of the league championship, he said: “The last thing that was agreed upon is July 5, and there is a prior agreement that the clubs play their matches without the players of the Olympic team, but I do not know the extent to which this can be achieved.”

And he added, “The Olympiad ends on August 7 if we reach the final match and there are teams in many periods that do not play in the league for a month.”

“I know the importance of the players for each club, but the list of each club includes 35 players, and the vision will become clear after my choice of the list, so during this period, each team can play 3 or 4 matches, whether postponed or in the Egypt Cup,” he added.

Shawky Gharib added, “We will send our list to the International Federation of 50 players on May 19, and currently our list includes 86 players.”

“The mission will include 22 players, and the list includes 18 players in addition to 4 players, including a goalkeeper, who can be used during the tournament with a substitution system in anticipation of injuries or the Corona virus,” he said.


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